Forget about Neti, Neti

A tool like neti, neti is only a preliminary exercise in deconstructing dualities. But it’s not an end-tool in itself. The same principle applies regarding the four negations.  It’s all about indivisibility. In the end either shit or get off the pot. There is no shit or not shit…just shitting. To do anything less will get one into serious trouble. There is a story about a robust Zen Master who was constipated. To help him a disciple went to a drugstore to investigate how to alleviate the problem. The pharmacist gave the disciple a drug that would help. “Have him take two pills daily. If this doesn’t help let me know.” The disciple returned the next day and said, “Great Zen Master, no shit.” So the pharmacist suggested taking three pills a day. The disciple returned again the next day stating, “Great Zen Master, no shit”. The pharmacist finally suggested, “Have him take all the remaining pills.” The disciple returned the next day with a forlorn expression on his face. The pharmacist inquired, “Well, did it work?” The disciple answered sadly, “Great Big Shit, no Zen Master!”

That’s satori!

Forget about remedies like neti, neti, they only result in stalemate. Great nothing or no nothing, it all results in the same thing—one big Bullshit!

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