Love’s Labour’s Lost

You used to be in love with the Unborn, but now it’s all gone…

Don’t fret because it can usually occur this way. When you had it, you weren’t looking for it. And why? Because it was occurring within you. But now you have been trying to force the issue. Why can’t it be mine all the time? That is the very heart of the problem. The Unborn will only come of its own accord. Remember, it’s not yours to keep and savor like a good steak, because it’s not a malleable kind of material, like some trinket, that you can just shape and fashion by your own effort and past merits. If you persist in trying to do so, your long lost heaven will become a living hell. It’s all a non-meritable enterprise. The intellect is the main culprit—it’s a wily trickster. On its own it’s the very devil himself. Don’t allow this fiend to destroy the safe haven and joy you once experienced in the Unborn. It will be yours again and more often, it’s as close as your very heartbeat, just don’t try and count and control the beats. If you do, Love’s Labour’s Lost!

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