Going inwards you will meet a Zero

The familiar phrase, going-inwards, does not imply that someone will be waiting for you there in the center of your being. In point of fact, continuing to melt into the direct center of your being will usher in a new awareness and un-identity—because there is no longer any facet of “you-ness” that awaits, ding-dong the ego is dead and evaporates away into abject nothingness. This does not mean that you become “nothingness”, only that your former structured format that was comprised of the five-skandhas no longer operates. In Zen this is represented by zero, or the Chinese character “空,” [pronounced Kuu in Japanese], meaning sunya or the great empty sky of voidness. In point of fact, this “ground-zero” is in actuality a point of great abundance, a euphoric spark of engagement with the Unborn Absolute. So, learn to become acquainted with your zero-point, your zero-ness. It is the more “natural-you”—the pure unadulterated essence of your being.

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