The Primordials

The Primordials are spiritual benefactors who will never let you down and they will guard you in all your ways. They always have your back and are forever ready to intercede on behalf of the most diligent of adepts. Their source is an inner Yin-Dragon factor, That Primordial Dark Energy that sustains the entire cosmos, which is the very lifeblood of the Primordials themselves. Under their sacred tutelage the Primordials will make you vividly aware that spiritual growth is not the concern of some secluded and thus isolated skandhic persona, but rather the very vivifying interaction with Divine associations that enhance and enlighten the way forward in the perennial Quest of the Unborn. If you maintain this spiritual-symbiosis then the Primordials will shower you with a profound Buddha-gnosis that will reveal the elemental-alchemical key that unlocks the code to the secret treasuries of the Unborn Buddha Mind which forever liberates one from any further samsaric incarceration.  If you can grasp this undivided mystery then the Primordials will point you in the Right Direction of melding with the very Tathatic-Mind Itself.

Music by Bernard Xolotl from his album “Aftershocks”. I would consider this track to be the Theme of the Primordials

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