Bodhipower—yours to use or abuse

Left to its own devices mind is constantly on self-destruct alert. It is always living on the periphery of life, neglecting its absolute center which houses the antidote–the only means of avoiding that self-destruct button. The mind needs to re-code its priorities, today there is no other choice, either one reboots the mind-set or else global suicide will be the result. Bodhipower itself is neutral, it is either in the service of Self-awakening and transcendence or, by way of inversion, in the service of self-destruction. It can free mind from its tethers or allow it to go off gallivanting into the sunset of disservice by serving the dark masters of ruin and annihilation. So, this great power at the center of your being is always at your disposal; it will follow your lead or you will allow its improper misuse to lead you downwards into karmic consequences too horrible to even fathom. The choice is always yours. If your answer is in the affirmative of allowing this marvelous deathless source to sustain you in all your ways, know that in so doing you’re tapping into an endless ability to bend and shape the life-force of this translucent dark principle of Unborn Bodhipower in the same fashion that the apparent “you” are empowered to read these lines. You do have the power. Use it well.

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