The Unborn is not God

God and the Unborn are not the same. The former is based upon an anthropomorphic myth that God has a personality. There is no person, no personality in the Unborn. When you embrace this concept of God then you are limiting yourself, creating boundaries, even judgmental ones. The Unborn is Unbound, limitless like the clear, boundless sky. The God Jehovah is a jealous, judgmental God. His fictional creation will come to an end one day because it was a fiction all along. The Unborn is not a creator. It does not Lord over apparent creation, and It never judges. It always IS and there was never a time when It was not.  When you are in tune with the Unborn then you are in tune with your innate Self-nature. Pure. Without the stink of anthropomorphism. Consider the apparent saintly ones. They have the stench of the charnel house about them. They are never in tune with their own innate Unbornness. It fact they are always against it and hence they self-torture themselves. In turn they cause their own suffering. If you find yourself in incessant suffering and always standing in judgment over yourself and others, then you are not in tune with the Unborn. The Unborn does not wear the false-hood of the executioner. It is the Deathless Master over all your fears. So, celebrate your own Unbornness, it will lighten and enlighten your spirit.

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