Is a Bodhisattva dependent on sentient beings?

Continuing with Dorji Wangchuk’s study, he writes:

In Mahayana, the entire concept of bodhicitta and bodhisattva would collapse or make no sense without sattvas, for a bodhisattva is, in the first place, a sattva whose citta is directed towards attaining the highest state of bodhi for the sake of other sattvas. Not only is the bodhicitta of a bodhisattva dependent on sentient beings, but also his practices of the perfections (pāramitā) are in one way or another connected with them. A bodhisattva becomes a buddha by relying on sentient beings.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Bodhi [awakened] Being [sattva], is as such according to the light of bodhipower, in this sense a Bodhisattva is a Light Warrior dispensing Unborn Light. Certainly not the exclusive domain of bleeding hearts. The Diamond Sutra teaches that “no one is to be called a Bodhisattva, for whom there should exist the idea of a being or non-being, the idea of any form of living entity, or the idea of a person.” So what has all this to do with modern interpretations of compassion, which incidentally secular-buddhism places as the highest premium for Bodhisattvahood. The Diamond Sutra puts to bed any altruistic savior-mode mentality of saving some form of sentient beingness. There is no need of salvation for this “skandhic-person” thing. True Compassion is never about a person-thing but rather a Mind-thing, thus shattering Minds own delusional episodes and empowering Mind to recognize Its Real-ness—Real eye-to-eye as Light from Light, Pure Mind from Pure Mind. No need for an otherness equation. The Unborn Mind never exhibits any anthropocentric traits, hence no-thing ever really needs to be won or acquired or saved, since the Absolute Mind Substance is already perfected in Itself alone. At the same time, however, the awareness principle hidden within the skandhic host needs to be shocked into Self-recognition (through the Light of Buddhagnosis), otherwise another round of samsara will inevitably be the result.

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