The Udāna and Covid 19

In these unprecedented times I shall remember these days as my Udāna period here at Unborn Mind Zen. With this new rendition of the suttas written in Light of the Unborn and accompanied with exegesis the ever-present and dominant backdrop has been the lingering presence of Covid 19. I live in upstate NY, pretty close to ground zero in NYC. The death tallies just keep adding up and up, hopefully there will be a peak shortly. But returning to anything resembling normalcy just isn’t in the cards any time soon. The economy has been destroyed, and millions are out of work—quickly to surpass Depression-Era statistics. Social distancing has become the new norm. I used to write many blogs encouraging solitude and aloneness but this present period out-trumps them all. It all started in early March when the Zennist informed us on his blog that he has suffered a debilitating stroke—we wish him well and recovery soon—but it was just a black omen of what has been befalling us since. I pray for the safety and well-being of everyone—we’re all in the same boat together on this one. Despite the doom and gloom we still need to take heart. This horror-show will one day subside, the enemy will be defeated, and it will all become a tragic memory indelibly etched in our collective-consciousness.

May the Dharma-protectors keep you safe from all harm


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