Khatvanga—A Multi-Purpose Mystical Tool

The Khatvanga is a mystical-ritual tool utilized in both meditation and as a vehicle for directing healing energy. The blog Yoga of the Manomayakāya discusses its use in merging with the Manomayakāya during meditation. I own two, one made out of yak-bone that I utilize inside my house, and the other made of iron (pictured above), which is kept in my hermitage. The Khatvanga itself houses a deity, just as its cousin, the Phurpa, does too. In essence, it is the spirit of the deity that is being invoked when these mystical tools are put into ritualistic practice. With frequent use one’s own spirit merges with the deity—it becomes as One with the practitioner’s energy signature. The Khatvanga with its pointed tip directs the energies of this spirit in life-giving fashion. It is also used as a source of protection during meditation sessions, and recently I’ve been utilizing it as a healing device. By grasping its double-vajra head and directing it downward between my legs, the focused energies have removed pain from my abdominal area, soothed throat pain, and is acting as a repellent against all negative energies, particularly against the demon that is housed in Covid 19. So I consider myself to be doubly protected during this dangerous time—by the use of a face scarf and the protective-sealant of the Khatvanga. I can sense a dominate shield encompassing me during extended periods of meditation, by focusing the energy like a defensive-bubble. Quite a remarkable mystical-instrument indeed!

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