The Dharmakaya Stick

The Dharmakaya Stick has been utilized by the Primordials and aspiring Unborn Mind adepts since time immemorial. Its purpose is to provide an uninterrupted flow of Primordial Bodhipower that initiates Right Welcoming into the singular Nirvanic Kingdom of the Dharmakaya. The adept grasps the frame of the weighty chiseled iron (approximately 520 g) measuring 250 x 28.9 mm. Indeed, it has a most magnificent weighty-feel in the palm of the hand as if being magnetically in union of some higher power that animates and nurtures the symbiotic link between the Primordials and the adept. I had the one pictured above especially prepared to highlight the two-vajra ends as painted metallic purple (indicating their most royal-bearing), the mystical chalice in the neck region painted metallic silver as well as the “rings” at the top and bottom. My nephew, Marcus, provided the necessary artistic skill in painting these most significant areas. The Two-Vajras are the indestructible and immutable symbol of one’s own Buddha-essence—the impenetrable, immovable, immutable, and indivisible state of enlightenment or Buddhahood. They also constitute the unalterable dignity of the inner deity of the Dharmatā Buddha that is housed within the Dharmakaya Stick. The Mystical Chalice is representative of the nurturing nectar that is offered to the adept by the ever-abiding spirit of the Primordials thereby drinking freely from the elixir and essence of Primordial Bodhi. The two silver rings indicate that the adept is being wed to the spirit of Deathlessness as represented by the Skull at the top as well as to the Diamond Mind of the Tathagatas as portrayed by the royal-purple of the vajras.

For a Lankavatarian, the ritual of holding and becoming One with the Dharmakaya Stick also highlights the passage into the Bardo of the Dharmatā at the end of ones samsaric sojourn. Faithful and continual practice with this ritual will assure safe-passage to the other shore of the Dharmakaya, accompanied with the necessary prerequisite of being fully bestowed with the Bodhi-Mind and Spirit that empowers and ushers-in such a Divine Union. The Vibratory interflow experienced during these Dharmakaya Stick Sessions is out of this world!

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  1. scott says:

    I cannot express enough to you my deepest honour, gratitude and awe for the inexpressible dharma treasures scattered throughout this site. The perfect wisdom found within this sacred place that is given so compassionately has been quite enlightening indeed. May your merits and blessings be as vast and limitless as space.

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