The Cult of Compassion

Bodhicitta is a misused and abused term in our dark age. It has become stripped-down to a mere puddle of mediocrity in the hands of those “do-gooders” who paint the world according to their own misguided assessment and faulty utilization of the term–in effect, it has become hijacked by the “cult of compassion.” Compassion itself used to be aligned with agape—or burning with love for the divine. When employed as such it was a direct channel for divine agencies themselves to intervene in human affairs and apply that com-(with the divines’ own) passionate embrace that alone can assure lasting healing and positive aftermaths. Today it has become a whore and tool of Mara, a fiery cult that masks its true intentions of not providing comfort and reassurance, but rather the employment of hidden agendas of keeping one in bondage and subservient to the evil will of politically-correct overlords who never have the good-will of individuals at heart, but rather their mass-incarceration into a dark-collective, much like the mechanized Borgs of Star-Trek the Next Generation fame.

The contemporary milieu of [compassion] reeks with such abominations. When too much of apparent good-will takes the stage without the necessary balance of self-cultivation (without the assistance of any outside agencies), a void is created. And that void is filled with the overt power and domination of evil. Evil walks the streets. Burning and looting and raping and wreaking havoc over the weaker-willed, all left frail because of too many years of complacency fostered by listening to the sweet and soft malignant song-spell of Mara. Love, love, love, but not the true and Authentic Love that really counts.

In this series about Bodhicitta we will be exploring all the rich and neglected connotations of the term. It is vibrantly rich in substance and is a unique blend of intellect and will, as well as spirit; in this vein it becomes the foundation of all altruism. In the Mahayana tradition IT is realized through the practice of the Six Paramitas and the Ten Bhumis. In the Vajrayana IT is revealed to be a composite of two attributes, Relative AND Absolute. The latter is sorely lacking in today’s environment—it’s all relative and utilitarian without the balanced guidance from above. Without this transcendent sense of heightened Bodhi—there is no possibility of reintegration with the Unborn. When utilized as such, we shall come to see that Bodhicitta Is the Dharmakayic Element in Mind’s Self-Development.

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