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Blessed One, from whom all awaken and partake in Your Holy Wisdom, I beseech You to open my mind and heart so that all that is hidden may be shown to those who are worthy of Your Noble Revelation. Svaha.


*Buddham Saranam Gachami
Dhammam saranam gacchami
Dhammam saranam gacchami*

[I go to the Buddha for refuge.
I go to the Dharma for refuge.
I go to the Sangha for refuge]

Dear Sojourner, please attend well: Whoever you may be coming into possession of these spiritual truths, I strongly urge that before you read any further to comprehend that this undertaking entails a most serious responsibility. Never present these teachings to those of shallow or callous mindsets. Do your utmost to discern well beforehand whether they have a genuine interest in such pursuits or are just busybodies out to profane the Buddhadharma. Rather, be diligent and utmost aware that skillful sincerity is foremost present. They must be those who are open to honor and treasure such spiritual delights. Foremost, they must be adepts who are prepared to attend well the Spirit of Contemplation. If they are exclusively attached to methods of active meditation, then this is definitely no territory for them to investigate and wholeheartedly embrace as their own.

On the other hand, if they are presently engaged in active spiritual methods but somehow sense in their mind and spirit the need for further and higher spiritual cultivation, then by all means encourage them to do so. But firstly charge them with the same caveat I have presented to you. I am especially referring to those who have tasted the fruit of mysterious inward luminosity and now yearn for full unionship in the Unborn.

So then, my dear spiritual friend in the Unborn, continually examine and take prudent observance over your own spiritual cultivation. With all your beingness thank the Unborn Lord and ask that his Dharma Protectors keep careful watch over you and prevent any spiritual assaults of Mara the evil one from ever taking hold. May you come to win the full prize that awaits your resolute determination.

Opening Introit: This is the traditional Buddhist greeting—taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. For Unborn Mind adepts it takes on a special signification as The Unborn Mind Dharani from Tozen.

Dear Sojourner: Fellow companion on the temporary journey through samsara.

Like the original intent from the author of The Cloud, our text begins with a qualified caveat: what’s being presented is not for anyone with just idle curiosity. It is meant for those Noble Ones who will apply the effort and “will” necessary to respond in body, mind, and spirit to what transcendent treasures are being freely given unto them. Are you in earnest over your own spiritual cultivation? Then this text will provide the required spiritual tools to climb that Noble Mountain of Primordial Perfection. If not, then lay this aside for now and continue in your own measured pace of cultivation that is best for you.


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