Be of Humble Heart


A counsel to embrace a Humble Spirit
And to the Nature of this Work

Wake-up, weak creature, and be aware of what you pretend to be. Do you find yourself as being somehow special to be called to partake in this holy favor of the Blessed One? In truth you are filled with a slothful-spirit and thus fail to see the auspicious nature of the work set before you.

In this most delicate time when you find yourself to be most vulnerable, beware of the dark whisperings of Mara and his minions as they attempt to distract and turn you away from this holy path. Never be deceived by the evil one into thinking that you can just rest on your past laurels. To the contrary, you are now being called to see what you really are—a sorry sack of bones laden with skandhic sheaths. You will be forever lost unless you turn-about and properly discern the nature of this higher-calling.

Far from remaining self-conceited you ought to be more humble of heart and mind and thus awaken to the True Nature that is yours in Spirit alone. Recollect that out of a legion of fellow-adepts the Unborn Lord has called you forth to be of singular regard for himself alone. He will lead you to countless Buddhafields that shine majestically in Infinite Light. Then you will be instilled with the Beatific wonder that is the Nirvanic Kingdom of Self.

So go forth now and never look back upon your samsaric-past that will only hinder you in your divine quest. It doesn’t matter now what you have formally achieved; instead be mindful of what you are still lacking, for that is the best way to be instilled with a spirit of humility. You are to be exclusively about one thing only—to advance further along the path of perfection and thus see the Real Face that was yours before you were born.

Beware, though, the Unborn Lord will not tolerate others meddling in your spiritual affairs. You are to be Alone now with Him and no-one else. That is why it is forever necessary to guard the windows of your soul unless the foul vermin that lurk about succeeds in devouring you. If you faithfully abide in these admonitions all you need do is to incessantly court the Lord’s pleasure; it will be his breath alone that fills your days and nights in abundant solitude. Proceed forward then, and let us see how you fare.

slothful-spirit: in monastic-circles this is usually referred to as falling victim to a dark spirit of acedia. This is a most dangerous occurrence wherein the spirit of the evil one can suck you dry with a horrible unending torpor that weakens your spiritual vitality, thus preventing you from developing further on your path.

Make no mistake about it, this is a crucial discourse to constantly be mindful of; it’s always in the early stages of wanting to spiritually advance that the dark powers of the evil one will be felt most vividly in this time of vulnerability. One must be forever vigilant and Recollect that now is the time to defeat them less they devour you whole in body, mind, and spirit. Remember, if you think that your past merits alone will protect and advance you further along this way you are sadly mistaken. Cultivating a spirit of humility is key to inviting higher spiritual agencies to come to your aid and empower you to defeat evil and thus claim your rightful spiritual inheritance.


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