How to abstain from thoughts in Contemplation
Especially those arising from curiosity or natural wit

If any thought should intrude attempting to obscure that cloud above you, asking incessantly “what is it you seek?” To any of them simply reply, “It is the Unborn Alone that I seek.”

Then if they should inquire, “Who is this Unborn?” respond by saying “Nothing conceivable or perceivable.” Simply say to them all, “You are powerless to grasp IT, keep still.” Yet left unruffled they will continue to ask you, “What is it like, what are the wonderful things it reveals to you?” They will even impose thoughts of what it was like long ago when you were young and carefree, oblivious to such high spiritual ambitions. Also, they will inflict those sinful conditions that you once fell victim to and have left an indelible imprint on your life. Soon enough, listening to all of them will soon have you confused and dazed and diverting your attention from the rightful spiritual work at hand.

Yet, you may find yourself asking, “These thoughts weren’t all that bad, they have much truth in them.” Nevertheless, it is vitally necessary that you must totally abandon such intimations and place them far beneath that cloud of forgetting. If this is not faithfully carried out, then you shall never come to one day pierce that cloud of unknowing betwixt you and the Unborn. Hence, whenever you are drawn to Contemplation, lift-up your mind and heart with a gentle stirring of Recollection of being as One with your Unborn Lord.

You will also find it helpful to choose one word that will center and keep you focused on your one necessary mission of Light. In fact, a word like Light will do most nicely, as long as it has just one-syllable. Then, affix it within the mind so that no-thing can dislodge it. This word will be your strength and your shield against Mara and his evil ones. With this one word you shall subdue all unnecessary mind chatter and consign it beneath that cloud of forgetting. And should one annoying thought come along and distract you, just gently repeat this word over and over. If ever the thought should occur of trying to intellectually analyze this one word, say back that you alone have IT whole and undivided. If you continue in this vein those lingering vexations will no longer assail you. Why? Because you will no longer allow them to feed on those sweet meditations of the Unborn we touched on before.

Nothing conceivable or perceivable: a favorite quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj.

One word: this word is known as a spiritual watchword. In time it can even become a form of mantra that serves as a cancellation of all forms of mind distractions.

Light: a word often associated with spiritual enlightenment. For a Lankavatarian this takes on special significance, when Pure Luminous Mind has been Self-Realized and is now a fully enlightened Tathatic-Spirit—occurring in the Bardo of Dharmatā.


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