Spiritual Madness


How confused adepts misunderstand the word “in”,
And the delusions which follow

The madness of which I’m referring to unfolds like this: they have read and heard it said that they should shut down their exterior senses and strain to turn inwardly. However they misinterpret what “turning-inwardly” means. By turning their external senses inwardly upon themselves they generate untold damage. What they are doing goes directly against the natural order. They imagine that utilizing this “brute-force” technique that they can somehow induce their faculties of seeing and hearing to invite things from the spiritual world. Quite the opposite occurs. They turn themselves into creatures of darkness and in so doing invite evil spirits to enter into their soul and make their evil home therein. Once implanted in the domain of their spirit, Mara and his minions feign all manner of fake sensual pleasures, such as overpowering sweet odors and delectable tastes. And much far worse: creating bizarre impressions in their sexual organs that are accompanied with burning sensations in all the entrails of the body like the lower bowels and other associated organs.

These foolish adepts also become confused over the word “up”. When hearing such admonitions such as “lifting up one’s heart and mind to the Unborn Lord”, they stare upwards starry eyed into the heavens in the vain hope of encountering angelic agencies. Other times they hope to encounter some form of extraterrestrial beings who have privy information into the nature of spiritual realities. In so doing they are creating gods in their own image. All in all, this is nothing other than pseudo contemplation at its worst.

Yet, they somehow imagine that all of this is the work of the Blessed One, thus forever consigning themselves over to the company of demons. You have been forewarned, all such behavior will lead to irreversible possession. Truth be told, the Real Stuff of the Contemplative Way of the Unborn has no in or out, up or down, right, left, front or back. IT is unlimited and undivided and imageless beyond all physical dimensions; for it is never the work of the flesh but a spiritual élan that is the adventure reserved only for the pure of heart.   

Today’s blog in this series portrays the pitfalls that can oftentimes befall one who is engaged in any form of apparent “spiritual work”. Turning inward is a phrase oftentimes heard in spiritual circles but is also misrepresented. It’s not about a “physical” turning in; this misunderstanding is common and can lead to the ruin of a fine adept whose intentions are good but lacks the proper and informed direction that can lead them into the Right Way of Contemplation. Contemplation, if it’s worth its salt, becomes the very act which the adept becomes attuned with the inward work of the Unborn Spirit; and this “inward” work is only done by THAT spirit alone and no outside agencies, not even the mind and soul of the adepts themselves. Pseudo-contemplation is the work of the evil one and will always rely upon the adept’s “senses” in gaining entrance and wrecking untold havoc. If one becomes “giddy” in their spiritual work then they’re not about that “Real Stuff of the Contemplative Way of the Unborn”. It’s a form of spiritual madness and will only lead to self-destruction. Haughtiness is another sign of spiritual madness—false pride. Whatever form of imperfection occurs should be caught and thoroughly dealt with before reengaging in any spiritual work. You see, that’s why the Lankavatarian adage of “imagelessness” becomes paramount. When rightly employed it will unmask any demon of the senses—those evil “images” (any form, sensation, thought, volition, mortal consciousness). The Cloud of Unknowing is an imageless affair and entering IT will always bring great spiritual blessings and protection untold.


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