Transfiguration in the Nothingness


How one’s affections are marvelously transformed
In the spiritual experience of the Nothing
Which occurs nowhere

One’s whole disposition is wonderfully transfigured in the spiritual experience of the nothingness. Yet when the first time one experiences IT all of one’s past transgressions are paraded before him. Nothing is spared—all of one’s thoughts, emotions and past evil offences, whether physically or spiritually, appears before his mind’s eye in all their abject horror. Which anyway one turns they cling to him like blackened sticky pitch until they are washed away in tears of agony.

There are times when these excruciating visions occur that one imagines that he is having glimpses into the darkest cavities of hell. Reliving one’s past transgressions is so terrifying that one despairs of never being freed from them. There are many who have come thus far in their spiritual journey that one is tempted to give it all up and return to the temporary comfort that the physical realm offers them. In so doing they forsake the spiritual consolations that would have been showered upon them had they endured in these trials.

One who patiently abides in this darkness will eventually regain confidence in his spiritual destiny. The horrors will continue but there is the fervent trust that they will subside after ongoing these necessary purgation’s. They will soon witness their past transgressions washed clean by the gentle and healing touch of the Unborn Lord. Sometimes it seems as if this nothingness is nothing other than some sweet heaven. Ultimately they will arrive at that junction wherein one’s gentle repose in this darkness is nothing other than the Unborn ITself.

Yea! Whatever comes to pass you shall arrive at the self-realization THAT IT IS the cloud of unknowing betwixt you and the Unborn.

This all bespeaks the necessary ongoing purgation’s that must be endured before final transfiguration in the Unborn occurs. Compare this with another blog pertaining to the same process. That series exquisitely detailed in the spirit of John of the Cross that nothing, no form of temporary remedial cure, could dispel what needs to be endured in light of these fiery purifications—today’s accompanying image was aptly chosen. All of one’s past karma needs to be burned off until one’s spirit is tempered with the soothing Luminous Darkness of the Unborn Mind.


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