Spiritual Signs


Some spiritual signs that show one is being
Called to Contemplation

Many who read these words may find them fascinating and thereafter feel compelled to take up the work of Contemplation, but are by no means being called to this spiritual path. Their inner compulsion may indeed be indicative of natural or even excessive curiosity. The following signs will prove helpful in the ongoing discernment of being authentically called.

Let one first discern if they’ve done everything possible to cleanse their mind for such an endeavor. Firstly, the practice of the six paramitas accompanied with good consultation with a competent spiritual director. As time goes on let one fully discern that Contemplation is foremost on their mind, thus attracting their attention more than ordinary meditation or other spiritual discipline. Furthermore, if they discover that nothing they do, whether of a physical or spiritual nature offers any peace of mind except this mystical-drawing to the gentle cloak of the cloud leading them further into the Unborn, then this is a definite sign that the Unborn Lord is calling them to such a holy union. If these signs are absent, then I can absolutely assure you that one is not being called.

Please be mindful that those being called to Contemplation will not always feel these mystical yearnings right from the beginning, because this is surely not the case. A beginner adept will sense these signs being withdrawn from time to time. Sometimes IT is being withdrawn from him so that he doesn’t become prideful and automatically assume that he can control IT whenever he likes. In point of fact, whenever the cloud is being withdrawn, more often than not one’s own arrogance is the leading cause. Oftentimes the neophyte automatically assumes that this absence means that the Unborn is his enemy, when in truth IT is his best friend. But as usually is the case the apprentice finds IT being withdrawn because of his own carelessness; the result is that one is horribly consumed with pain and remorse. Occasionally, the Unborn Lord does withdraw IT, but only so that IT is more deeply appreciated.

The greatest grace occurs when one assumes that he has lost IT, because he then discovers an inner-strength that one-pointedly draws him back to the Unborn work with a fervor he never experienced before. If this be the case, then it is truly an unmistakable sign that the Unborn Lord is calling you to become a Contemplative. Remember, it is not what or who you have been in countless past lives, but what the Unborn would have you be. If you begin to experience less and less joys in past endeavors and former spiritual encounters, then truly know that you are indeed marked out for the Unborn.

Farewell, dear spiritual friend, with the Unborn’s blessing and mine be upon you! May you come to experience that True Peace and wise counsel that only comes from the Unborn alone. Svaha.

the six paramitas: “Generosity is a practice leading to liberation whereby one gives freely of one’s body, possessions and merits. This fulfills the hopes of living beings, dispels avarice, and makes one confident, fearless and honored by all.”

“Ethics is a practice leading to liberation whereby the effects of evil actions and the influence of the kleśas are purified. It causes one to become revered among all people, and to gather them together without threats or force. Proper ethics are therefore guarded with the utmost care by the wise.”

“Patience is a practice leading to liberation which is the most excellent attribute of powerful persons. It is the most effective ascetic or spiritual practice for those beset by kleśas. It is the best weapon against the great enemy, anger. It is the best defense against harmful words, etc. Because of this, patience must be cultivated and practiced by every possible means available.”

“Firm and unremitting effort is a practice leading to liberation which causes the good qualities of learning and understanding to continually increase. Through effort, all activities become meaningful, and whatever work is begun, is then finished in accordance with the goal. Understanding this, Bodhisattvas generate a great force of effort which dispels all indolence.”

“Meditation is a practice leading to liberation whereby one gains complete control over one’s mind. When settled in meditation, one gains the power of peace and stability. After arising from meditation, all virtuous actions may be readily engaged, and the body and mind take on a blissful sense of fitness and well-being. Understanding this, great yogins continually adhere to the practice of concentration which destroys the great enemy of distraction.”

“Wisdom is the faculty which perceives profound Suchness. It is the technique which finally and completely uproots samsara. It is the treasure-trove of virtue and accomplishment universally praised in all of the sacred texts. It is the supreme method for clearing away the darkness of ignorance and delusion. Understanding this, those who truly desire liberation make unceasing efforts to generate wisdom.” (Tsongkhapa)

Finding a competent teacher (guru) in whatever spiritual path you choose is not an easy endeavor. It takes trial and effort. You may choose someone in the beginning, only to later discover that he or she is not best suited to your authentic path of who you are called to be in the Unborn. What is most often the case is that one day you may simply outgrow that director, and then it is worth your spiritual cultivation and edification to move on.


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