You Are a Tiny Spiritual Grain of Sand

Being a series of Unborn Mind Sessions

What is the nature of my existence?

That which asks the question has no formalized existence, nor do you. Here in Unborn Mind Zen we teach that it’s all a matter of Right Buddha Nature…This is in reference to svabhāva, or the intrinsic self-nature of the Unborn. It needs to be underscored that this is exclusively reserved for the Absolute, for *things in the phenomenal* worlds exist only conventionally and lack the Intrinsic-Self of the Unborn.

So do I lack this intrinsic nature?

There is no sense of the personal “I”, this pseudo ego-self, when you realize this Unborn Principle. Here there is no cause for alarm of losing this five-fold skandhic beast, as your self-personality has since beginningless time been illusory. In order to even begin to grasp the Unborn Principle any sense of a person or personality needs to be abandoned. You are marvelously impersonal and Unborn.

I’m still not able to find it…

What happens when you begin to search for this intuitive principle? The seeker is just your body-consciousness which is no more than just a drop of semen within the Universal ovum. First and foremost, stay put in the Unborn Principle until you are ready to jettison that too.

How can you say this? I was born you know…

In truth there is no birth. There is no death. The Unborn teaching points to the Lankavatara Sutra which reveals that there is “nothing that is to be born, nor is there anything that has been born.” When one does ultimately discern that both birth and death are constructions based in nothing substantial, both the “question and the questioner” vanish. For what is there really to grasp and by whom?  This is all about the way of deathlessness and no-thing else.

Come again…?

You are Unborn, stay put in THAT. Only later it will dissolve back into ITs original Stature–Prior to all conceptual constructs, including what we know as the Unborn.

So any knowledge that I had before is just useless?

You have no need to try to remember something; you don’t have to get It, It will get at you if you but get out of the way.

In a nutshell then, what am I and what is my nature?

You are but a tiny spiritual grain of sand from which the boundless Cosmos arose with all its illusions and into which it will dissolve again. If you but begin to reason about this you will be swallowed by a whole host of demons….


*the empirical reality is only a series or succession of illusions, of imaginations, of ideas, which our mind creates incessantly above the infinite abyss of universal Voidness. (On Voidness, A Study on Buddhist Nihilism)*

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