Out of Consciousness

Why do you always cast consciousness in a negative light?

The state of the body consciousness is not synonymous with the Unborn; the Unborn is prior to it and in no way, shape, or form, resembles a state. Consciousness pertains to existence and existence is a reflection of consciousness. In this mode, existence is the superimposition of consciousness upon the Unborn…

So what in fact does consciousness even do?

In ejaculatory fashion, consciousness sprays itself all over the field of apparent conditions; yet, there is in actuality nothing to see, nothing to grasp, nothing to fulfill. Recollect that what the apparent, “you”, perceives is merely through the constricted lens of perception. Rather, refrain from the incessant chatter that consciousness necessitates and lay stillbound on the beloved bosom of Bodhi, wherein desire and all habitual conditioning is rendered mute.

What do you mean by this bosom of Bodhi?

In Unborn Mind Zen we refer to this as the seed (gotra) of Buddhahood, or the developing Bodhichild. To this inner Child of Light nothing ever occurs; there is only perpetual Recollection, a pure awareness whose undivided attention is not in league with the divided-perceptions and associations and attachments that constantly assail the “sense” matrix of consciousness. Within the stillness (bodhi-womb) bearing unassailable light, there’s nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Just Recollective Bliss before the dark night called experience.

So, how can I help to develop this bodhichild?

Abandon the sense of doing and even being; relax into the abiding rest and peace that the Unborn alone can offer. Leave all else aside for all else is nothing more than, the incessant buzz, that lingers long within consciousness’ unsteady phenomenal and fanciful flights. Simply brush it all away and resolve to awaken your own supreme stature.

What then happens to my usual sense of ordinary consciousness?

Freeze-frame that you are not the body-consciousness with its mundane mind and even the apparent witness to all this phenomena; going beyond in this fashion will empower the Bodhichild to grow in purity and transport it into the dimensionless and imageless realm wherein truth and fearless love reside. When abiding as such within this sense-less and shape-less actuality, all habitual notions fade-away with the incessant self-realization that “I am not this, I am not that” in effect, the entire composition of endless ignorance subsides and gives-way to the great groundswell that is the gateless gate of the Unborn. Wherein nothing enters nor leaves, as this Child of Light rests silently secure beyond the decaying embers, of sight and sound.

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