Who’s Controlling the Transmission?

What have you to say concerning those who are adverse to the teachings?

In this late-era dharma-ending age it’s not surprising that there are those who may encounter these teachings and will shake their heads in wonder about all this Unborn Mind business. They rely exclusively upon immediate sense impressions that are compilations of a skhandic induced naivety; it is little wonder that such a worldling can begin to fathom even a first glimpse into the nature of this true vehicle of salvific light.

They will say, oh come-on now, give me a break!

Such a reaction is not surprising given the present state of affairs in this saha realm, which incidentally, is an insignificant pimple on the manifested face of a billion-world galaxy within this present and apparent universe; amidst infinitesimal others, all intertwined on this great cosmic web called dukkha (the realm of dissatisfied desires and incessant suffering).

Are there any outside forces responsible for this disorder?

Once afflicted with a densely constricted consciousness within this arduous dominion of Mara, its nefarious overlord, who’s ignominious hold on all sensate phenomena since the beginningless past is legion in terms of its influential sway, such a worldling finds oneself ensnared in this gulag; wherein ALL that you see and hear is a mere byproduct—a conjurers trick—designed to keep you in this outer Siberia—away from your true Primordial home; where there is no outer, as well as being devoid of all those nasty inner, impetuous thoughts, desires and emotions–all of them a mixture of Mara’s wild potpourri.

Well, where is God in the midst of all this?

All forms of god, in whatever religious framework, have one defining and indelible mark: god appears, creates, sustains, and then dissolves or destroys the created order. This is the tell-tale story of all manifested reality {bearing the trademark “god” in numerous forms}, whose inevitable conclusion flips over to the unmanifested side of the primordial coin; the yang becomes the yin; the white hole of creation dissolves into the black hole of nothingness until—this vicious cycle of eternal recurrence or perpetual regenesis stirs itself up yet again. The stateless state of the Unborn alone usurps this diurnal reign of this unhealthy and dualistic god; the god-story is a mere puff of breath on birthless and deathless lips whose kiss alone awakens Götterdämmerung. (Twilight of the Gods)

But still, there needs to be some level of human success in the midst of it all.

Success is kindred to samsara. In the Unborn what need is there for success, and for whom? Pleasure, financial security, insatiable mirth and incorrigible thoughts of grandeur lead ultimately to self-aggrandizement, but all these samsaric escapades inevitably end-up in the waste-basket of the charnel house. What need is there of need when neediness itself is a poor substitution for the quiescent spirit.

And so my friend, there is nothing wrong in discovering just who you really are, even in the midst of this ever-present darkness. Just turn-about—Look and see who is really controlling this Transmission.

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2 Responses to Who’s Controlling the Transmission?

  1. emaho says:

    Dear Kind Vajrayogini

    Again; it needs to be expressed how deeply felt is the profound gratitude and wonder to behold this vast treasure storehouse of Wisdom and the countless clear to-the-point pith instructions for authentic Liberation in this lifetime contained in this sacred space.

    Please be patient with me Kind Friend. I am diligently and steadfastly resolved to continue in the Path of the Unborn Mind no matter the cost for this temporal heap of animated dust. When I err or get momentarily side-tracked, I will not be discouraged, nor downcast and nor will I stray. My resolve is steadfast, fearless and unshakable.

    I am awed anew and anew by the depth and unsurpassed teachings contained herein. Even if I should try to look elsewhere; I am always ever drawn back here by the strong current of this Unborn Vivifying Stream that draws me inexorably forward to that ineffable Unborn Primary Clear Light. So beautifully and clearly offered here to such
    fortunate ones.

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