Show Me Your Sin

Your teachings neglect to speak of the nature of sin. We all have sin you know, we’re all sinners.

Oh, is that so? Show me your sin, bring it to me.

That’s ridiculous, sin is always an internal thing, an internal motivator that brings about disastrous outcomes.

The choice you make with your internal or external attachments all stem from ignorance, not some objective motivator. If you give top priority to the Unborn there’s no birth or death and even sin.

Nonsense! You know from your past experience as a Priest that sin exists. People came to your confessional in hopes of being absolved from it.

The people who came to confession were ordinarily and emotionally troubled in mind and spirit. In point of fact, they were their own judge and jury. True forgiveness can only come from oneself alone—to be able to forgive oneself.

Oh, how is that so?

Over scrupulosity results in a malignant spirit. This was the state of affairs more often than not. They were obsessed with their own subconscious factors of self-condemnation. Thus, they always confessed the same stuff over and over again.

Well, what about karma being that motivator?

The same principle applies. The karmic-mind houses a self-fulfilling prophecy. Actions that stem from ignorance since time immemorial. Cut the root cause by recollecting one’s Primordial and thus Authentic Stature. This Pure Recollection initiates a deep gnosis that transcends sin and even merit. Once you have this awareness of your True Self the realization dawns that all activities are of a spontaneous nature but that the Real You is not the doer of any of them.

Say, this is reminiscent of your teachings concerning the three gunas.

Indeed, especially rajas and tamas. The two can actually play hand in hand. Strong and emotionally charged rajas results from that dull and lethargic tamaic spirit. Thus anger can catch you off guard which leads to unfortunate incidents.

Any final thoughts concerning this, how would you define sin?

Sin means separation from the Unborn, your true and most loyal friend. Stand firm in the Absolute Conviction that you are Unborn; thus in any situation you find yourself in any ignoble forces will just fade away in the face of this Luminous Self-Realization.

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