What happens when we die?

What happens when we die?

This is a nonsensical question when it comes to the Self-Absolute where it all becomes perfectly clear. Ask yourself, who is present to die? Is there really anything left behind? The Self-Absolute was never born and so can never die.

Yes, but isn’t there still some trace of the Essence that gets left behind?

What appears to be left is no more than a Skandhic heap of trash. Every day when it becomes necessary to excrete urination and a healthy bowel movement, you afterwards feel relieved. The Self is relieved after shedding the last traces of this mortal carcass. Better still, the Absolute Stature of the Self-Mind is forever full, with neither coming nor going.

Still the thought of my eventual death deeply troubles me.

As long as you fear death you will never have the full comfort of Self-gnosis. When you continually Recollect your Full Essential Stature in the Unborn liberation from death is possible in this present lifecycle. This Self-Recollection provides a protective-shield that is forever with you throughout the day and night.

That all sounds well and good, but how to put it all into action.

Before going to sleep Recollect that you are the pure and unadulterated Absolute Unborn Mind–nothing whatsoever can ever alter this Self-realization. Because you remember this all the necessary changes will become effective in your Mind of minds. In this fashion even in your dreams you will be able to discern the falsity of your presumed existence. You are Not, Only the Unborn Mind IS.

As an added assurance in all this there still will be times when I prefer to go to sleep with the light on.

Whatever for? You go to sleep with the Luminous One, what need to be fearful of the dark? One day the lifeforce will escape and the body will die, but it will not affect the Real You in the least.

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