Opening Salutations

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 1

  1. The Listener asks, “What is this treatise and what is contained within it? What benefits are bestowed upon those who listen to it?”
  2. The name of this spiritual treatise is Dāsbodh. It is spiritual advice to an Unborn Mind adept and it confers Buddha-gnosis and a path of Devotion to the Unborn.
  3. It is a doctrine of Pure and Undivided Selfhood and is a means of obtaining Liberation from all dukkha through Union with the Absolute Source Supreme.
  4. Dāsbodh offers clear insight into the auspicious workings of Reality, or the Dharmadhatu. Also contained is confirmation of the formless-wonder that is beyond the contaminated body-consciousness, and the means of detachment from such defiled dharmatas.
  5. Many wrong notions will be eradicated with many doubts and fears removed, and many concerns will be resolved.
  6. Beware—some will say that what is presented here is not true. In doing so, they also deny the Buddha-gnosis that is contained within countless Sutras and major teachings of the Unborn Buddha Mind.
  7. Without perusing this complete Volume of sacred truths such may be considered as evil persons. Through their pride and arrogance they will surely suffer from many tribulations resulting in their absolute demise—far and removed from salvific Unborn Light.
  8. All of this sacrilege will lead those to be consumed with their own adamant anger and false-pride which leads to self-destruction.
  9. Whereas fruitful listening to this text will usher in a total transformation of the adept as all the roots of self-doubt are severed.
  10. In following this path of Unborn Devotion a total metamorphosis will occur as defiled flesh and mind become morphed into a new and Enlightened Spiritual Being.
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