The Listeners

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 5

  1. Now, let us bow in reverence to the Listeners of the Buddhadharma consisting of Maha-Bodhisattvas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Nagas, Devas, Asuras, Mahasiddhas, Dharma-Masters and Learned Teachers, Monks, Great Munis, Renunciates—all who are Truthful in word and deed and thus Spirit.
  2. Some reflect Great Oceans of Purity, others house within themselves abundant storehouses of unparalleled Buddha-gnosis—Great Diamond Minds aligning the shores of Noble Wisdom and frequenting the hallowed halls of the Unborn.
  3. Some bathe themselves in the nectar of Insight from many sacred texts, while others are persuasive speakers and writers who clear the sand from eyes long blind whenever appropriate.
  4. Their Minds soar like Nuclear Birds nesting in the Sea of Suchness. Nothing in the created order of the universe can match their unexcelled and undivided intuitive resourcefulness in the Unborn.
  5. Perpetually alert and Mindful they are unsurpassed masters of the three times. As such, they are Self-realized and devoid of prideful intent.
  6. Whatever appears before their Mind’s Eye they are already aware of, thus determining a Rightful outcome of events.
  7. Their food and nourishment is the Buddhadharma and their allegiance is to the Unborn Mind alone.
  8. Nothing occurs to them unnoticed since their prior-foreknowledge is champion of the day and night.
  9. They are devoted and faithful stewards of the Buddhadharma and are ardent cadres of the Shining Ones.
  10. Their lifeblood is the Mind-Stream of the Tathagatas themselves.
  11. The Sutras are their high-altars upon which they perpetually study and pay reverential homage.
  12. Take heed to the inner-meaning of my words and thus join the company of these saintly ones. Yea, in so doing you will forever remain devoted servants and upholders of the Truth.
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