Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 7

  1. Now, let us give ultimate praise to Truth Supreme (Paramartha) that is in the best interest of aspiring adepts. Out of all the Absolute Yogas, this is the pinnacle of them all that ushers in Liberation.
  2. In effect, it is easy to grasp, yet is extremely problematic for the worldlings (puthujjanas) since they have no association with the virtuous Shining Ones.
  3. It is manifested in all places, yet remains unperceived. It is indifferent to defiled dharmatas, yet still retains Its imageless stature.
  4. It is expansive like the boundless sky, but is only cognizant to Wise Yogis who have experienced Its concealed path. Others never come to the Self-realization of Its Noble Wisdom but remain veiled to Its Supernal Truth.
  5. It is the Self-summation of Absolute Essence. Hence, It is permanent and never suffers from grievous loss or injury.
  6. It has no fear of governing agencies, nor of rabid animals, hence any such connotation is eradicated by Its fearlessness.
  7. The Absolute Stature of Parabrahman is motionless and immovable. It is the Unmoving Principle Itself and will always be AS SUCH until the very end of the fluctuating and decaying embers of time and space.
  8. Such is Its Self-heritage deposited with no-thing arising nor ceasing. Forever motionless in the black hole of time.
  9. Authoritative yogis in the past Self-realized Paramartha and referred to It as the Ultimate Gnosis Supreme.
  10. The marvel of Paramartha is that once Self-realized, the marks of birth and death dissipate into definitive emancipation which liquefies with the nearness of THATNESS.
  11. Illusions recede as one comes to Self-realize Parabrahman in the happy venture of masterful contemplation and enterprising Self-inquiry.
  12. When one is established in Parabrahmanhood all self-doubt and troubling suspicions evaporate as creation itself is discarded as easily as rotting food.
  13. Due to Paramartha, Brahma and other gods take comforting rest, and yogis become absorbed in Absolute Suchness.
  14. Paramartha makes this life worthwhile. It is the way to salvation from the pains of samsara, and the Authentic Spiritual Life that brings salvific light to this decrepit and dying world-realm.
  15. This Supreme Truth is the refuge of hermits. It is the very means of crossing over the troubled waters of samsara into the awaiting calm-harbor of parinirvana.
  16. It is only through the immeasurable merit of countless lifetimes that the fortunate adept arrives at this Supreme moment in which Paramartha is directly engaged.
  17. Know this! Those who are virtuous in mind and spirit are worthy to travail the salvific way of Paramartha. With devotion to all the Buddhas and Shining Ones this marvelous endeavor will forever be enriched
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