A Major Arcanum of the Unborn

The Dāsbodh in Light of the Unborn is now completed. Chapter One with its eight Sub-Chapters in the original work constitute the outline that was further embellished in the ensuing chapters by highlighting the experiential inter-dynamics of the main variables involved with Hindu teachings. For our purposes this main chapter is all that’s required:  That mystical number of 22 pages has occurred in other blog-series reflecting a Major Arcanum of the Unborn—principles that support an Unborn Mind adept’s progress and cultivation.

Included here for your consideration is a recording of these Arcanums presented in this particular series.  The “voice” utilized is one of Googles Read Aloud options provided on the Microsoft Edge Browser. Can you guess her accent? It fits quite nicely with these teachings. Also the music background is one of my favorite albums by Steve Roach: A Deeper Silence. An ever-expanding magnificent sound structure that slowly builds upon itself, in effect creating a comforting womb-like experience that reaches out and gently draws you in with its soothing and comforting embrace. May you take delight in this transcendent encounter—31 minutes of sheer bliss.

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3 Responses to A Major Arcanum of the Unborn

  1. enaho says:

    This is a beautiful and intriguingly mystical work.

    Will it be eventually appearing on the Bodhichild channel by any chance?

    It would most certainly make a marvelous addition.


    • Vajragoni says:

      No, no plans for any future videos. The woman speaking is South African–her voice intonation really fits in quite nice with this.

  2. enaho says:

    Read Aloud is a very useful tool. Being somewhat visually impaired, I also like Balabolka for pdfs and just about all other docs as well. It’s open source and lets you record as well.

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