Noble Self-realization


1.1 O’ Noble One, help me to discern how Gnosis is to be Self-realized, Liberation won, and necessary Dispassion obtained.

Gnosis: The Realization of the Ultimate Principle: Parabrahman—the Supreme and undivided Self.

Liberation: Releasement from all avidya (ignorance), the quelling of misery and despair.

Dispassion: Total disregard for all sensate phenomena, both physical and mental—even of spiritual states beyond.


1.2 To win Absolute Freedom and contentment in the Unborn, shun all dharmata that is imprisoned in the Five Skandhas, and seek the way of Ultimate Release in Compassion and Sincerity in the Truth that Absolves all former ignorance and misdeeds.

The Spiritual Cultivation of these virtues prepares the mind for Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi and thus Supreme Enlightenment in the enjoyment of Unborn Light that will shine on the Noble Aspirant.

1.3 The Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind & Sky) are far removed from your Divine Essence. Seek solace in Self Alone thus giving birth to Awareness That is the witness to such unfolding of these natural events.

This is the beginning of detachment, since the Five Elements are the base and foundation for all natural activities.

1.4 Just stay-put in the Primordial Consciousness that frees your mind and spirit from all obstructing dharmatas which are deeply embedded in Skandhic personhood.

This is the very essence of the Ashtavakra Gita. When one totally identifies with the no-self beast of the body consciousness, then one falls victim to the Noble Truths of suffering which give birth to dependent origination with endless states of misery and ultimate despair.

1.5 You owe no allegiance to any states of serfdom that impinge on the way of Noble Freedom. Consider all of these to be anathema to your True Calling of resting free and faithful in the Unborn.

The Self is oblivious to mundane family and societal structures. One must learn to be free and unattached to all such obstructing influences.

1.6 Veracious and erroneous, desire and agony, exist only in the no-mind. They are not to be fretted about. You are neither the recipient of pleasure nor the reaper of any consequential actions. Rest in your Aloneness and be forever free.

When one-self-identifies with any of these diseases of the mind, then one must learn to be mindful of these traps and avoid them at all costs.

1.7 You are the Eternal Observer of all that is. Remember this principle; your only bondage is not realizing this to be true.

Seek not for objectifiable satisfaction. You are above such illusional concerns.

1.8 The very notion of “I am the doer” is the direct outcome of being bitten by a poisonous viper.

[Egofaction] is akin to being bitten by such a creature; the end result being spiritual death. In sum: volitional action will always turn around and bite you.

1.9 Burn down the forest of delusions with the admonition that “I Am the Undivided Light of Awareness”. Freedom is mine.

Entrapment in ignorance is the curse of being perpetually linked to forces of darkness. Ultimate liberation from such unwholesome powers is being continuously attuned with Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi.

1.10 Similar to the famous analogy of a coil of rope being mistaken for a snake, just so is your Spirit mistaken for a worldling.

Never mistake that false coil for the Real—in doing so perpetual happiness is won.

1.11 What the Mind focuses on determines Its reality. If you are determined to consider yourself held in bondage, then that will be your reality; whereas if you consider your True Self to be free then It will remain always As Such.

As one thinks so will one become or Un-become.

1.12 Never mistake the Unreal for the Real. You are not the World. You are the unbegotten Selfhood. Believe it to be so.

Only in awakening to Selfhood can one transcend the disease of incessant re-becoming. 

1.13 Recollect: “I am unadulterated Awareness Only—the Unborn Itself.” Forever refrain from the notion that you are a separate identity—a person born of the skandhas which dictate an apparent within and without, or this and that.

There are no outer obscurations, as well as being devoid of all those nasty inner, impetuous thoughts, desires and emotions—neti, neti in summa.

1.14 My son, you have long been held bound by the body-consciousness. Sever it with Manjushri’s imageless sword of Undivided Awareness Power—Bodhi! Only in this fashion will you remain free.

The Power of Bodhi enraptures the spirit thus empowering it to shun all former attachments which are the hallmark of Mara’s body-consciousness.

1.15 You are now and have always been free—most luminously transparent and never captive to the dreaming mind that still clings to vexatious intoxications.

Believe it to be so—you are a child of the Luminous One and the freedom of the other shore is always at your beck and call.

1.16 Your Spirit pervades this entire universe—purely One As such; forget about being small-minded.

The Self is the very substance of the cosmos and is thus never subdivided in any way, shape, or manner.

1.17 The One Mind Unborn is boundless and motionless—self-illuminating and spotlessly serene, therefore never cling to nothingness that is abhorrently unwholesome.

The root cause of all forms of bondage is believing in the forever moving and changing-wheel of samsaric dissatisfaction. 

1.18 Know that both form and formlessness is impermanent and thus untrue. Once this unequivocal gnosis sets-in there is no longer any need for rummaging around in self-delusions.

Never equate the Eternal Self with the limited body-consciousness. Above all, know that only the Imageless is true.

1.19 Just as an imageless mirror exists in the semblance of the Unborn Lord, just so is the distance of the body-consciousness far and away from this Noble Self-realization.

Neither the body nor the no-mind can reflect the True Nature of Parabrahmin.

1.20 Just as the same space exists both within and without a jar, so is the imageless and all-pervasive Primordial Consciousness One in Totality.



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