Where the Gods Fear to Tread


4.1 The Knower of Self-awareness continues to play the game of life unaffected by the vicissitudes suffered by the bewildered common herd.

The Realized One is unattached to the joys and sorrows experienced by the worldlings and therefore journeys through life as if observing a dramatic play. In these six verses Janaka has learned well his Master’s admonitions.

4.2 The Muni feels no elation even in the exalted states that the gods themselves so desperately yearn for.

The mind of the Muni feels unattached, even in the exalted states of supreme elation that the gods themselves yearn for and even emphatically defend above all else. Hence, the gods cannot even begin to fathom the state of indifference that comes so naturally for the Self-realized One; they themselves can never experience and are therefore devoid of the sweetness of Self-realization.

4.3 One who has recognized THAT is unaffected and untouched by good or evil deeds, just as the sky is not marred by smoke.

Even rightness nor wrongness is an attribute of the Muni. He rises, like incense, above it all.

4.4 Who could ever prevent the Mahatma who has known this whole Universe as Self from living as he pleases?

The Great Soul who tastes the fruit of Self-realization is beyond all worldly, and even divine injunctions. As Sri Ramakrishna said: An expert dancer never takes a wrong step.

4.5 Of the order of Beings, from Brahmas down to the lowest blade of grass, only the one who is Self-realized stands on the sideline renouncing both desire and aversion.

Only the ignorant cling to desires and aversions; the Enlightened considers both as mere chaff blowing about in the wind.

4.6 Indeed rare is the one who knows one’s Self as the Undivided Unborn Lord; the One who knows this fears naught.

The one who knows this experiences no-thing outside the Self alone.



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