A Quality of Detachment


6.1 Duties done and left undone, forgo this game of opposites and the imaginary [person] to whom they are owed. Be detached from such annoyances and turn away from them with an eye of indifference.  

As long as we consider this saha-realm to be real we cannot ever escape from the game of opposites that impose harsh duties on the unaware mind. Break-free from the hollowness of this mad state of affairs by developing a quality of total-detachment.  

6.2 Rare are the Blessed Ones who through astute observation of the sordid affairs of humanity have learned to jettison these unhappy realms bearing the mark of false-knowledge, desire for continuous life at all costs, and the stench of short-lived pleasures.

Observation of the hollowness of existence leads to calmness of mind and a resolute spirit that is well-equipped to combat this dominion of Mara.

6.3 Discerning that this state of sorrowful events are the direct result of the threefold suffering [Self-induced agonies of the mind and spirit; afflictions stemming from contact with unwholesome agencies; devastation by natural destructions like floods and tornadoes], the gallant Noble Ones reject them all in the knowledge that they are insubstantial, transient, and wholly beyond the pale of hard-won attention.   

Dwelling on the state of unfortunate circumstances drains one’s spirit and is not worth the price of admission to better living in the Unborn.

6.4 Was there ever a time that sentient beings lived without pairs of opposites? Whatever comes down the pike turn a blind-eye to it and be content with Reality AS IT IS.

Never dwelling on the peripheries, stay put in the Absolute Center that always leads to Self-fulfillment in the Unborn.

6.5 Purported Gurus, dubious saints, and fake sages never come to an agreement on any given matter. Knowing this to be the true state of affairs one’s mind relishes in quietude that is far superior to such phony personas bearing false knowledge.

The fakirs are always to be shunned in favor of Right Gnosis that is found in the heart of trustworthy Wisdom.  

6.6 The True Teacher wears a mask of indifference to the sordid affairs of samsara. He is completely detached and worthy to be followed since he passes the test of Noble Sagehood in the Unborn.

This present verse highlights that a man of the Unborn—beaming in the Light of unsullied Truth—alone can be an authentic spiritual guide and mentor.  

6.7 The myriad forms that oversaturates this present universe are as nothing to the Primordial Principle that animates it. Realize your True Self-Nature and abide with the Noble Shining Ones.

Stay-put in the Unborn and become a guest of the Tathagatas themselves.

6.8 The heart of mad-desire creates the world thus holding it in bondage. Fervently detach from this unholy beast by keeping close to your True-Self hidden in the Unborn.

The Realm of the Unborn is an imageless one—stay put in THAT and the shadows of desire will not follow nor trouble you no more.



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