A Spirit of Quietude


7.1 Be aware that desiring both pleasure and prosperity can eventually lead to great misfortunes. They can never be your friends, even though they may be cloaked in virtue signaling.

The Absolute Way of the Unborn can never be fruitful as long as seeds of desire, in whatever form—either pleasurable or harmful—remain at bay. All things need to be put aside in order for the Light of Self to shine through unhindered.

7.2 Consider all relationships, consisting of friends, lovers, spouses, and all manner of good fortunes bearing apparent good tidings as a passing traveling show, mere dreams of fancy lasting only a few days.

All relational episodes are born on fragile ground and can dissolve at the least sign of distress. They are all periodic episodes of samsara and should be considered as such. Keep your sights forever on the greater and everlasting shores of the Unborn.

 7.3 Whenever and wherever passions and desires appear on the horizon, remain rooted in the Recollective Resolve with resilient dispassion. Shun them at all costs and learn to be happy solely in quietude.

Samsara vanishes once you learn to be desire-free; only in quietude can you rest secure in satisfaction.  

7.4 Bondage is the heart of desire itself. Only in its total destruction can liberation be won. The Realization of Selfhood is won at a cost—total relinquishment of all you hold dear on the soiled-bed of samsara.

Samsara is indeed a sordid enterprise. Spotless Fulfillment rests in the Absolute Alone.   

7.5 The full expanse of Undivided Awareness is yours to treasure. Left unto itself the unaware universe is a rotting compost filled with lost memories and the horror of endless suffering. Ignorance, too, is to blame for this self-incarceration. Realizing this what is left to grasp?

All about you is designed by ignorance and is mere appearance. The Self Alone is Real and ought to be your sole aim and companion.

7.6 Lifetime after lifetime you have self-indulged yourself with the affairs of samsara—marriage, children and ownership over all manner of forms—be still now in the Self-realization that they are no more real to you than passing clouds and will be forever destined for nothingness.

Ungrasp what is truly not yours to keep. They are all passing fancies doomed to dissolve away. Get-off the endless wheel and abide in lasting Unborn Quietude of Mind.  

7.7 Mind is trapped in the dark forest of samsara—untether IT now and be free!

Become disengaged from all that binds you—whether good or bad. Mind Only is key.

7.8 How many lifetimes have you had to endure littered with the discourse of useless words and vain imaginings? Enough—this is your last stop!

To transcend all manner of miseries learn to turn it all off. Listen only to the sweet music of the Unborn.



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