Waves of Fulfillment


8.1 Firstly, I became intolerant of all physicality; next of excessive speech, and then of all thought-patterns. Thus so I remain
Here, in the Unborn.

In these verses Janaka has successfully learned to remain still in the Unborn, thus reducing all maddening surface activity. Notice the initially-stressed syllable on “Here”, thus highlighting the effect of forever being in the Unborn.

8.2 All surface and inner-noise as well as blinding phenomenalizations no longer have any effect over me; henceforth I remain
Here, in the Unborn.

Being free from all sensate phenomena assures a quiet mind and recollected spirit.

8.3 Enforced times of meditation is required only when Mind is held subject to seeds of false imagination. Knowing this I am far and removed and securely abide
Here, in the Unborn.

Meditation in and of itself alone can become a hindrance to the quality of Spiritual-Oneness in the Unborn.

8.4 Sustaining the absence of both joy and sorrow, with no-thing to grasp or excessively care for, being free I am
Here, in the Unborn.

Acceptance and rejection are only possible when held bound to the body-consciousness.

8.5 The stages of life and their outcomes no longer have a hold over my spirit. Knowing this I will forever be
Here, in the Unborn.

All the stages of one’s life can have a detrimental effect when one incessantly brings them to mind, accompanied with the awful realization that the end is soon at hand.

8.6 The initiation and the cessation of activities both are characteristics of the ignorant-meandering mind. Aware of this I choose to remain
Here, in the Unborn.

While abiding in the Self Alone there can never be a question of action or cessation of such when being fully-aware of remaining free and faithful in the Unborn.

8.7 Thinking thoughts of what lies beyond I remain bound to the aftereffects of trying to grasp the ungraspable. Henceforth, I will be forever
Here, in the Unborn.

Trying to ascertain what lies beyond the Great Beyond is a futile enterprise. Just stay put in the Unborn always here and now.  

8.8 By stressing all this I will be acknowledged as one of the Blessed Ones forevermore. In this rests Fulfillment in the Unborn.



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