Magna Summatio

Being a summation of the salient teachings found within the Ashtavakra Gita in Light of the Unborn

10.1 Knowing Oneself as the Absolute, and that both existence and non-existence are but figments of the imagination, what is left to say or do for the Shining Ones bathed in non-discrimination?

The Self transcends all categories bearing the marks of existence and non-existence. Having ascended to Self-gnosis, what is left to be known or attained? 

10.2 Like a dry-leaf blowing in the wind, such is the One who is Self-reliant and released from the snares of samsara.

Past bondages long forgotten, the Noble One is like a severed leaf blowing freely about on the winds of continual liberation in the Unborn.

10.3 Wearing the Mantle of Imagelessness, the Wise-One knows neither honor nor dishonor.

The Wise care little for the relative aspects of being. In this non-identification he is free from all such nominalizations.

10.4 Putting-aside the workings of the meandering mind, the Resilient-Ones rest in Suchness—sans thought, sans hearing, sans seeing, devoid of false-knowledge.

All sensate characteristics are now considered null and void in the Imageless Mind.

10.5 The self-ignorant continually adhere to methods of meditation and mind control. The Self-awakened put aside such trinkets and abide in the great Sea of unobstructed Suchness.

The unobstructed mind has no need of methodologies that just reinforce skandhic-structures.

10.6 The ignorant-minded incessantly search for gods of their own making; the Noble Shining Ones do not seek for THAT which they already are.

The Self-awakened are always reflections of IT—no need for secondary and samsaric disguises.

10.7 The self-ignorant perpetuate the dreams of their wild-fancies, being forever chained to the world of their own making; the Wise cut all such desires at the root—the UN-making of Samsara itself.

Once the demon’s head and realm is severed, no-thing in the saha-world can bind us anymore.

10.8 The worldlings believe that peace can be attained by controlling the mind. The Self-awakened in the Truth are forever divorced from such measures and are Stillness Itself.

Peace of mind can only be won by the Stillness of the Unborn.

10.9 All former mind-modifications are relinquished when one Self-realizes that he is not the doer, nor even the watcher of events. As such the raging storms of the mind are quelled forevermore.

There is no doer. There is no watcher. It’s all illusion. Staying centered in the Unborn is all one need do.

10.10 The Unborn Mind adept is unfazed, even when ridiculed by strangers or friends, children and grandchildren, or other relatives.

The man of the Unborn is no longer linked with associations or any such aversions that disturbs the mind. What need does the Unborn have with such spoilers of Mind’s equanimity?

10.11 For the unassailable Ones, fearless and changeless in the Unborn, there is no longer any darkness nor light, no renunciation, nor anything at all.

Both darkness and light are the harbingers of dualistic domains. There is but ONE alone—the Undivided Self. 

10.12 In the Great Unborn there is neither heaven nor hell or any need for any form of liberation.

In short, no-thing (with all their diverse characteristics) is apart from the One and Self-sufficient.

10.13 The man of the Unborn knows neither birth nor death; neither acceptance nor rejection of the Self.

Samsara implies change; even the qualifications of acceptance or rejection of Self-gnosis is required in the Unborn THAT is sufficient unto Itself.

10.14 The Wise One is free to roam where’ ere he wills. He is forever content in the Unborn. When the sun sets he lays down his head unperturbed.

When one is free and faithful in the Unborn whatever befalls him has no lasting effect. He is conscience-free at the end of the day. 

10.15 The effects of Rajas and Tamas are rendered null and void in the hearts of those who are cradled in the Unborn. They know no distinction between that and mine.

Rajas=restless activity; Tamas binds the mind in a state of ignorance that is indicative of carelessness, laziness, and an overtly stupid and dull-spirit.

10.16 Noble adherents of the Unborn Mind transcend the threes states of sleeping, dreaming and waking. Their Primordial Consciousness is the same under all semblances.

One who has become established in the Unborn remains unaffected by any of these temporary states.

10.17 The Ones of tranquil Mind and Spirit seeks neither the crowded marketplace nor the deep solitude of forest reserves. He is the same wherever he is; yea, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

For those who abide in the Glory of the Unborn there is no past or future or places of present malaise. There is no need of safe havens—yea, they are in Peace beyond Eternity itself.

10.18 What need of scriptures, or even dabbling in excessive self-knowledge? I Am the Absolute, Self-complete in every aspect.

The Unborn, in Itself, is in no need of any outside agencies—IT is devoid of needing anything for Self-realization and fulfillment.

No more need be said. 



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