Preparation for the Afterlife

Many consider that events in the saha realm have never been worse. The gods of many realms are not pleased. Humanity has reached a terrible low from which there is no return. It’s worse than Sodom and Gomorrah ever was. The natural order has been defiled and dragged through the mud. Best recourse? Make preparations for the afterlife because it’s due on the horizon. And yet, what is the afterlife? Is it a particular place, or more that an individual’s stream of consciousness continues in some form after death? Mainline religions maintain that it is a given and permanent locale, while other traditions maintain that it is only a temporary respite before being reincarnated again. It is not the purpose of this blog series to catalog all the sundry interpretations but rather to study it from a Lankavatarian lens. In this vein we shall come to see that the best preparation for the afterlife is a non-preparation, something that both the Lankavatara and Diamond Sutras share in common. It is perhaps the most sane observation (given current events) of our subject matter. It’s also interesting that this series commences on what Christian Religions refer to as All Souls Day, or the Day of the Dead in more indigenous religions—both commemorating the journey to the afterlife by all the dearly departed, and also one in which the dead can also communicate with the living in some form or fashion. Tis the season to look for a transcendent dimension that will point the way out of a world gone insane. Our series will be forthcoming very soon.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Greetings of peace, brother. Great to see you’re keeping up the good work.

    “Many consider that events in the saha realm have never been worse. The gods of many realms are not pleased.”

    According to the Book of Revelation (or Apocalypse) in the New Testament, supposed to have been revealed directly by the ascended Jesus Christ (in his Sambhogakaya, I guess) to his disciple John, and as such coming from a high level of Buddha-consciousness, the situation in the Heavens seems to be better than it had been in a long time. The ancient war against the satanic faction of the (fallen) gods seems to have been won on most planes of this universe now, and satanic action has been confined to the quarantined Earth and some other lower regions, and the expulsion of the forces of darkness from the Earth, too, is said to be very imminent, the war having already been essentially won, and what remains is only the temporal unfolding of some of the effects of that victory. So apparently, our Earth will go through its great purification, healing and transformation soon. The future of the Earth and of humanity as a race looks very bright according to these sources — the problem is only that many souls will be lost on the way, unable to pass through the purification and transformation.

    Maybe the time has come to make a study of the Book of the Apocalypse from your esoteric perspective? As a former Catholic priest, of course, you’re in a good position to do that.

    Blessings from Sweden

    • Vajragoni says:

      Great to hear from you, old friend! Many thanks for your insightful comment.

      “Maybe the time has come to make a study of the Book of the Apocalypse from your esoteric perspective? As a former Catholic priest, of course, you’re in a good position to do that.”

      The reference in question contains highly symbolic language and is often interpreted wrongly; it would be a daunting task indeed. Still, will not rule it out as a possibility.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yes, it is a difficult text to decode. Some parts of it can probably only be understood correctly through direct unveiling by the Spirit. Many of the meanings will of course become clearly apparent with time, as we go through the last period of this world-cycle, and will remain cryptic until then.

    I’m impressed that you accepted the challenge, brother! I haven’t read those posts yet, but will look at them very soon.

    By the way, friend, I have a question for you, since you are quite an able meditator. Have you had dreams of warning, or heard or seen something in meditation, which would indicate that huge, dramatic events of some kind are very imminent? I am asking since everyone in my closest family have received such communications. It was shown as a global fire storm both to me and my sister. Exactly how that will manifest itself I don’t know.

    Both my mother and I also dreamt independently of one another – true or not, time will tell – that something extreme is soon to happen in Japan. In my own dream, it was symbolized by the planet Pluto coming so close to Earth as almost to touch Japan. In modern astrology, this ‘planet’ is often associated with radical transformative change. A voice in the dream said that this is something the Christians have expected for a long time. In my mother’s dream, a voice told her that something ‘apocalyptic’ is soon to happen in Japan. I don’t know what this means, as the dreams weren’t specific enough. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    That being said: as long as we practice the transcendental Way, we have nothing to fear, of course, no matter what happens in the world. It is an excellent opportunity to overcome fear.

    For some very interesting perspectives on the last stages of the present cycle, I recommend Rene Guenon’s ‘The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times’. It can be downloaded as PDF from the internet, if you feel called to have a look at it some time. Guenon was a very able metaphysicist in general – in the traditions of Advaita and Sufism in particular.

    I wish you a blessed and merry Christmas! Stay in the Light.

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