The Unmoving Principle

Today you are offered a new expression: the Unmoving Principle.
The unmoving principle is a derivative of Biguan, which meant “wall gazing” in ancient china. This mysterious and dark principle of the innermost power and nature of the true body and mind of the Buddha was metaphorically depicted in ancient china as Bodhidharma gazing at the wall. The meaning was not, like today’s modern zennists believe, to sit like a dunce and stare at the wall, attempting to seek peace of mind in silence…but more to meditate at the very undefiled and permanent nature of the unmoving principle (thus allowing the mind to unfold itself like a solid unmoving wall, yet lightning fast in all ten directions). This can be called the suprapositional nature of the Mind, e.g., it is never in itself positioned, composed, crystallized, but more the dynamo that empowers the illusion (animus) of the becomed, of the desired; that is, the moving. Thus we try to become more of the unmoving principle (the unborn) and lesser of the moving principle, (breath for example).

Seeing AS a wall sees, and not AT the wall—such is the full expression of Biguan which gives birth to itself AS the Unmoving Principle which is the Mind Point, steady and motionless yet when fully engaged is incredibly fast as light-speed itself; illuminating all ten directions. One needs to identify with this immovability and disengage with such nominally diseased notions as following one’s breath in meditation. Be AS a wall and not some idiot engaging in the thousand-and-one-ways to confect union with it, just staring like a dull and lifeless clown into the depths of space.

If you for an instance believe that peace of mind in this realm is truly peace and thus a glimpse of nirvana you are truly wrong; if you believe that a stone or a great mountain before your eyes is unmoving, you are wrong, (for the subatomic structure in these phenomena is in constant motion-flux; thus the stone or the mountain actually vibrates as non-positioned, positioned energy, in and out of existence). Hence, where in your body, where in this world or any other can you find peace? Where within consciousness or, for that matter, any manifested reality, can you find complete and utter fulfillment? With whom, or what, can you entrust your entire being and desire to end all further pain and suffering?

No amount of dharmatas in this saha-realm is worth clinging to as cherished objects of attaining centeredness and peace of mind and spirit; indeed as stated, even a mountains subatomic structure is in constant flux—no-thing is steady of its own accord. For that matter, no significant-other in life constitutes being a steady source of comfort and reassurance that they will always permanently be there for you, for the angel of death is always nigh at hand ready to snatch them away and leaving you alone and despondent.  No, nothing is undying except the Unborn Mind—THAT motionless herald of deathlessness.

To believe that meditating on any sensation of nice joy-like feelings in fashionable gym or meditation halls, with like-minded individuals who are desperately seeking to fulfill the bottomless holes of their desire consciousness, in all its manifestations, like family, friends, jobs, duty to God, etcetera, is really not going to achieve a happy ending. Instead, what is needed, above all else, is to find a balance by lessening the desire to hitch a ride on the moving principle (phenomena). And instead, finding an entrance into the unmoving. This is the ancient and indelible key to nirvana itself.

No communal and thus external structures such as zendos and even places of worship such as a church, mosque, or temple, will ever guarantee you the source of comfort and protection and peace of mind you seek. What is needed instead is a turn-about from all such moving phenomena with its unstable and empty promises, and discover a proper entrance into the Unmoving and thus Unborn Principle THAT IS always there and ready to give supernal support in all your endeavors. IT is the nirvanic and thus dharmakayic nature of Mind Itself.

If you can pull it off in this life time, you have really accomplished something envied even by the mightiest devas and sages. It is a treasure of such stature that it is indeed impossible to even compare its value to the most precious and spectacular galaxy of this universe, for this one is within you; it is a tiny, spiritual grain of sand containing all that you could ever need, or desire. Every time you do not trust in IT, you miss IT.

No mighty deva or incomparable sage could ever hope to give you such a treasure that the Mind-store alone can give. Yet, blink and you’ll miss IT, for such a One is inside you—perpetually hidden (imageless) yet at the same instant transformable to meet all your needs and cares.

Incessantly entrusting yourself to anything of this world hoping something, or someone outside will tell you the truth, or else give you some mysterious clue or a secret way to meditate that you don’t already know. But my friend, this world and its information highway is littered with very confused people who claim enlightenment on every point; yet, they are merely a rabid symptom of the moving principle, clearly confused and unable to cope with the basic structure of the unmoving, which feels like a crushing weight on their shoulders the older they become and clinging instead, to what Gautama Buddha declared as a most foolish illusion indeed.

The internet is strewn with false hopes and empty promises, and even more so now with deranged belief-systems wreaking havoc on an uninformed and ill formed populace. Vast throngs of people are caught up in this moving mess, much like a raging torrent capturing and carrying and destroying everything in its relentless path. Such is the reality of the moving vs. the unmoving principle.  Staying put in the latter assures a recollected mind and spirit that is better adapted to resist this treacherous and evil age.

Turn instead and discover the power of the unmoving principle; it’s then that you will see the very luminous body of Mind Only. It will blow you away with its beauty and with sheer nirvanic awareness-power. It will never leave you and nothing of this world will ever be able to reach even a “gazillionth” of its true and lasting value. After that, great, wonderful day, you will indeed find incredible peace, and ultimate self-realization. One that transcends the veil of the transitory and temporal body consciousness. In essence, true and lasting, parinirvana. Tozen

This is the ultimate Para-Brahman Self-realization. The Unmoving Principle is the very cradle of the Unborn Absolute. Turning to anything less will only assure more of the moving not-so-merry-go-round called samsara.

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