Ecce Animum

Genuine religious practice in Buddhism, for example, the teaching of self-awakening, entails the recovery of a primordial spiritual state of perfection. A recollection of a buddhic body that is present beyond the distorting haze of the three times as purely such. Before, the bifurcation (division) of consciousness into subject and object. Thus avoiding a habitually regeneration of an artificial subject-object consciousness.  More known as the body consciousness (or, the deluding consciousness of desire, self-division and becoming).

Real timelessness in Unborn Mind Zen is devoid of the fabric of time and space itself. It is antecedent to the artificiality of the body/mind split that descends into a bifurcated consciousness that gives birth to the false-self-delusion. This false-self is forever self-dividing and therefore incapable of reuniting with the undivided Unborn Absolute.

When entering meditation [Biguan], the genuine contemplation of the permanent self in such a way, the mind of the neophyte firmly abides in the initiating act of preceding one’s breath (not counting or following it as this entails slavery under the yoke of the decaying). Then, as the mind is released and greatly empowered by the mysterious light, arising from this spiritual practice,  the neophyte  proceeds to precede the very birth of one’s thought-patterns—thus entering the samadhi of oceanic self-reflection, wherein where Self contemplates its true nature as the very dynamic animus of its myriad creations, ideations in all ten directions.

Herein is the core and very fabric of Unborn Mind Meditation. It never engages in the self-dividing act of following one’s breath patterns, as if this proclivity is somehow essential in gaining proper-centeredness of mind; it is the exact antithesis of authentic dhyana that precedes any such obstructions thus allowing proper bodhiflow to proceed unhindered.

In an instant, the neophyte gains direct insight into the law of karma that befalls the lesser able caught in the wheel of self-delusion, by the distorting and highly seductive power recognized as desire of becoming and it’s blinding poison, self-ignorance. Or more correctly, self-amnesia. If this practice continues regularly, the mind of the neophyte becomes ready for a breakthrough, and one day, in a certain situation, a sound, an action or something seemingly ordinary can trigger the mind to unleash its full supply of undivided awareness power to itself, as in a flash—like a spiritual big bang, where the ultimate self is seen AS IT IS.

This marvelous dhyana is a release from all karmic predispositions and empowers the adept to clearly see what others are still enmeshed in—the inconceivable karmadhatu. A breakthrough now occurs as the self-realization dawns of being awakened from a form of self-amnesia, when Self was ignorant of formally initiating the image-making machine. This is witnessed in Zen literature when a sudden sound, like the cawing of a crow, spontaneously awakens spirit from its slumber and now fully recognizes and recollects AS IT IS IN ITSELF—devoid of all phenomenalizations.

In that moment with a power beyond words and any form of advices or teachings of others, the neophyte stands face to face with the absolute truth of one’s own true self.  Realizing that in the ultimate sense, there are no beings; that there is only Self, as such, Tathata.  Perfect, without comparison to anything of the three times. A jewel of supreme perfection. Ones very true nature.  A body of pure light, impervious to any composed ideation, or phenomenon—the Dharmakaya. A body that never changes; never becomes defiled; never perishes…

The True Self is the authentic and best teacher. What it offers is never secondary, and thus unsoiled. One now grasps the truth found in the Diamond Sutra, that in reality (the dharmadhatu) there are no beings. What IS, is AS SUCH—the Self-aligned Tathata (Suchness). The adept is now a perfected body of Unborn Light—linked forever with the Dharmakayaic Mind and Spirit.

Thus, ultimately nothing is really gained in terms of genuine enlightenment (of this self).  For the real has finally come to look upon the real, that is, itself… As it is…Awakening from Mara’s Dark Dream, with its self-empty eight levels and empty basis of interdependent deception—the distorting lens of the body consciousness. It is now in a place beyond the three times; containing all, and lacking nothing.


A truism that the Buddha himself came to Self-realize, that he never in actuality attained any form of enlightenment. Beneath that beloved Bodhi-tree it was the Self looking upon Itself—AS IT IS—no-thing attained or won but simply the Recollection of Selfhood unhindered by any subordinate characteristics. Mara’s Dark Dream was defeated, and the Unborn Self once more ruled supreme.

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  1. emaho says:

    Having recently been steeping myself in the profound mystical brew of Wu Hsin, this particular series has been an absolute delectable feast for the spirit. Thank you so much for being there. You are appreciated beyond words.

    Homage to Tozen
    Homage to Vajragoni

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