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We are pleased to announce the publication of one of our series, The Cloud of Unknowing in Light of the Unborn, in paperback-pocket book edition. From the book’s foreword:

In reference to this present work, a classic of Western Spirituality, my own background as priest and as an eremitical ascetic of the Lankavatarian path places me squarely in both traditions thus offering a unique vantage point concerning Ascetical Contemplation. There are two primary forms of Contemplation. Active Contemplation utilizes many different types of experiential tools in encountering the Transcendent: reading, imagination, music, monastic liturgical settings, walking, attunement with nature, etc. Infused Contemplation, which is the core of this present work, means being stripped naked of all phenomena and what is left is the all-piercing awareness of the Absolute as Absolute—undivided and devoid of all secondary characteristics. The primary factor to consider here is that of ascesis, or the deafening silence and solitude that are part and parcel of the spiritual discipline required in which to undertake such an audacious task. Infused Contemplation is a passive one, devoid as it is of all action thus opening itself to the movement of the primordial spirit. It’s a self-emptying in order to be filled with the Absolute Fullness of the Unborn. Pure Contemplatives, therefore, live a life of total solitude in the dark silence of the Great Void that is devoid of all defiling characteristics. This rendition of The Cloud of Unknowing is written in Light of the Unborn—meaning those associated spiritual principles found within UnbornMind Zen. The text is followed by a commentary. All in all, it’s an eclectic work designed to dissolve the barriers of sectarianism that prevents one from directly experiencing a Contemplative spiritual path that is open to all, regardless of their religious orientations; such is the beauty of these Universal Truths whose Light shines upon all.

The format of the book is similar in dimension to one of our previous publications, The Dhammapada in Light of the Unborn, hence this Pocket-Book size edition is the quintessential format in which to fully experience and absorb this singular stylistic rendition of the renowned spiritual classic. Follow the link below which is the same as the link to the book at the top of our home page. The link also presents an Audio Book of the text.

The Cloud of Unknowing in Light of the Unborn

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  1. scott says:

    A truly remarkable book. Ordered a copy today. Thank you so much. Words fail to convey the enormity of gratitude.

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