Ascension from the Pit

Evan posited that the mind bears resemblance to a well-trodden path, akin to the grooves on an antiquated LP record that causes the needle to skip along its tracks. The navigation of these paths can prove arduous, particularly when the mind is fueled solely by the intellect. However, through unification with the Unborn, one can emancipate themselves from these grooves and truly delve into their Authentic Self. It is almost as if one can leave their [body] conscious self behind and explore the depths that the Unborn Mind exclusively offers. Evan once likened this to an iceberg, with only a small fraction visible above the watermark. However, he now realized that the conscious mind is merely a minute fraction of our essential beingness, and that there is an abundance of uncharted territory within ourselves to explore and discover. Within this realization there existed within him a glimmer of joy. The recognition of the void in all things elicits its own sense of elation.

“Indeed, quite a profound epiphany,” someone exclaimed, as the recognition and resonance of the Primordial’s voice reverberated within him.

“Yes, Evan replied; however, it merely touches the surface of a more deeply profound matter.”

The Primordial responded, “Recall the teachings of your former Ch’an Master from a distant past. Samsara represents a journey of the mind, an endeavor mostly focused on the physical aspect. It embodies a composed longing that arises from within oneself. This longing drives us to constantly escape one obstacle only to encounter another. The interconnectedness of these obstacles forms the essence of samsara, while the obstacles themselves are known as karma. Without understanding who or what exactly desires this perpetual journey, the obstacles will continue to deepen and darken. However, if we choose to change our ways and strive for a deeper understanding of our true nature, the obstacles will gradually become less significant. Eventually, our mind will rise above them, allowing us to observe samsara as a mere illusion, filled with fleeting shadows on a bright surface. It is in this profound reality that we can clearly differentiate between the superficial manifestations of the physical body and our own authentic selves. In that timeless moment, we begin to experience the first glimpses of nirvana, like heavenly droplets on our tongues.”

In a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity, the Primordial, a being of immense power and wisdom, gently placed his hands upon Evan’s head. As his fingers made contact with Evan’s skin, a surge of energy coursed through his body, causing his brain to convulse with an intensity that defied comprehension. In an instant, Evan’s consciousness was transported to a realm far beyond the reaches of his imagination. It was as if he had been whisked away to distant galaxies, surrounded by a breathtaking display of a million points of light. The sheer brilliance of it all overwhelmed his senses, gradually desensitizing him to the dazzling spectacle unfolding before his eyes. But just as quickly as the light had enveloped him, it began to fade, giving way to an abyss of darkness. The once vibrant points of light transformed into an endless expanse of nothingness, leaving Evan feeling disoriented and lost. “What is the meaning behind all of this?” Evan pondered, his mind racing to make sense of the bewildering experience. It was as if he had been granted a glimpse into a reality beyond his comprehension, a reality where physical laws and boundaries held no sway.

As he grappled with these thoughts, a soft, inner voice seemed to echo within his mind. It suggested that the point of origin, the source of all existence, existed outside the confines of physical space. It was a concept that Evan struggled to grasp, for it challenged everything he had ever known. With each passing moment, Evan felt himself slipping further into the depths of unconsciousness. The boundless emptiness of the abyss beckoned him, its alluring embrace promising a release from the constraints of his mortal existence. As his consciousness faded, Evan surrendered himself to the void, his mind consumed by the mysteries of the universe. In that moment, he became one with the emptiness, a mere speck in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

“Have you had enough?” snapped the Primordial. Evan was gradually emerging from the tumultuous phantasmagoria that had been vividly presented in his mind. It was as though he was descending back into a realm of creaking wooden wheels, emitting an unprecedented agony.

“I am uncertain as to which is the more distressing: the burdensome weight of samsara or the haughty commotion of the ethereal realm.”

“Both of these are the extremes of the enduring question of how to surpass them both. It is observed that, at their core, these apparent realities are exclusively creations of the mind, lacking in the attainment of Self-realization through the acquisition of Noble Wisdom.”

“Is it safe to assume that Noble Wisdom holds a pivotal role?”

“Undoubtedly, it is the fundamental element for comprehending all enigmas of existence, which ultimately are not tangible but rather illusions of the perceptual consciousness.”

“It is truly remarkable how the Lankavatarian adage rings true. It means that the way we think and reason has caused us to exist in three different ways. This has been happening for a very long time. But if we remember that we can be like a Buddha without any image or form, we can understand ourselves better. We can control our thoughts and actions easily, like a gem that shines in many colors. We can also change our form and understand the thoughts of others. By believing in the truth of Mind Only, we can become a Buddha over time. It is truly a beautiful journey to witness.”



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