The Resurgence of the Venerable Teacher

This impression endured for a fleeting moment, until his eyes readjusted and he was abruptly transported to the shoreline of an expansive beach, which appeared to be of an otherworldly magnitude, with colossal worlds suspended in the distance. Initially, he was under the impression that he was in a state of reverie. However, the authenticity of the waves crashing a few yards away from him and the slimy, algae-covered rocks that extended into the ocean could not be disputed. He ventured forth to discover what this new reality might bring.

Upon scanning the beach for a second time, he spotted an elderly gentleman perched atop a boulder. The sight jolted him, as he was certain the shoreline had been vacant just moments prior. However, he harbored no uncertainty that he was in the presence of a venerable entity. As he drew nearer to the aged figure, he was overcome with a profound sense of admiration and respect.

Upon the old man lifting his head, Evan was struck with yet another surprise as he recognized his former Ch’an Master.

“What is the significance of all this? Where has the Tower disappeared to? How is it that you are present here?”

“My dear son, I can only imagine how confused and bewildered you must feel right now. It’s understandable to have so many questions swirling around in your mind. Where did the Tower disappear to? And how did you end up here? Please know that I am here to support you and help you make sense of this situation. Let’s work together to find some answers and bring some clarity to this mystery.

Initially, it must be noted that the actuality that is presently before us is endowed with omniscience. Its fundamental nature is that of Dharmakaya, and consequently, it functions ceaselessly prior to any manifestation or formation. It is, therefore, uncreated and surpasses the constraints of time as perceived by the ordinary sensory faculties of an individual. As expounded in the sutras, it embodies the intuitive and astonishing intelligence of the Tathagata.

Remember, we impart the knowledge that by discovering its appellation, one can comprehend its significance, and by comprehending its significance, one can gain entry into the gateless gate of the ariyan mind. The term itself symbolizes the pure antithesis of all that is conceivable, fabricated, and hence, conditioned or experienced through the five skandhas.”

“Can you explain more?”

“In essence, it signifies the antithetical actuality that precedes the unenlightened and impulsive ideation of the mind. The said ideation is predominantly founded on a responsive and immediately comprehensible amalgamation of phenomena. This, naturally, stems from the Mind’s customary abode in an image-matrix that it perceives as a corporeal entity, through which it “transmutes” or alters the magnificent intelligible radiance of the Buddhas into something that it deems to be veritable reality, but in actuality, is erroneous.

As our illustrious Buddha family expounds upon the awe-inspiring intuitive Light of this word, it radiates outwards in all ten directions, birthing countless universes and infinite worlds, such as the opulent imagery that dances before your very consciousness. Every conceivable image is brought to life and set into motion, creating a tapestry of unparalleled beauty and wonder. These myriad matrixes, each one perfect in its form and exquisitely empty, are made available to those who suffer, those who are ignorant, and those who slumber in darkness. Such boundless compassion is extended to those who have yet to awaken to the enlightened mind of the bodhisattva.

As a Lankavatarian, it is imperative that you comprehend that our perception of the world is one of a tangible and cerebral amalgamation. Every facet of our surroundings is imbued with a profound intelligibility, without which our very capacity for thought would be rendered null and void.

Alas, for the sensualist, their perception is limited to the superficial, the mere semblance of things. They fail to delve deeper, to uncover the intricate intellectual orders that underlie the raw appearance of our world. From the ethereal concept of space to the relentless force of gravity, every aspect of our reality is governed by a complex interplay of motion, energy, and time.”

“How best to dissolve this imagery?”

“The discerning Mind must come to realize that through its awe-inspiring power to intellectually synthesize the emergence of its own cherished, yet fleeting, corporeal genetic framework [body], it can also gradually dismantle this illusory image and all “surrounding” images [perceived through the senses of this physical abode] by resolutely abiding in its authentic self, which is Unborn, uncreated, unconditioned, and thus the “word” itself. It was born out of a failure to grasp the potency of this word, and it shall likewise perish, writhing in agony, due to its inability to comprehend the transformative might of this word.”

“So what will be my greatest discovery?”

“Discovering the womb of engulfing light is the first step towards unveiling the true boundless self that lies within. It is a self that transcends the mortal carcass and all that is experienced through the six senses. In this samadhic bliss, you give birth to your bodhi-child, also known as bodhicitta, but few understand the truth about its nature.

This child is the seed that will awaken and recollect its true nature, the Buddha Mind, just as Siddharta did. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you do not waste your time on a useless zafu with a blank mind, counting and following breaths, or engaging in other futile activities.

Instead, have faith in the power of words and let your mind abide firmly like Bodhidharmas “inner” wall in accordance with their meaning. By upholding this in all that you do, you will be assured a straight and directive path to the deathless family of the Buddha’s.

Life, death, and all phenomena will no longer hold any meaning worth suffering for. Soon, your true teachers will appear and expound the marvelous dharma. You will witness the awesome compassionate wisdom of Avalokitesvara, Manjusri’s uncompromising way to slay the false and reveal the true, and much more. Embrace this luxury of enlightenment and let it guide you towards the ultimate truth.”

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