The Lower and the Higher

“What is the enigma shrouding the Tower?” inquired Evan.

The teacher replied, “My sole objective is to consistently assist you in unraveling the most significant enigma of all. This mystery surpasses all others, both past and future. Once you have deciphered it, all other mysteries will gradually become apparent, as they are illuminated by this one.”

“May I inquire as to the nature of this enigma?”

“It is none other than the authentic essence of the Unborn Mind.”

“The direct-pointer to Self-realization, yes?”

“Indeed, the sole means of Self-realization is to extend an invitation to and relinquish the Mind to the elevated aspect of Bodhi. In due course, this aspect will manifest as an undeniable reality, prompting the individual to awaken and revel in a state of blissful comprehension, exclaiming, “Now I finally know.” This realization will serve to fortify the individual’s resolve towards their bodhisattvic journey towards Universal enlightenment, or the very cradle of the Unborn Mind.”

“Pardon me, but could you clarify who the sleeper refers to? Additionally, could you expound upon the concept of the higher aspect of Bodhi? Is there a corresponding lower aspect?”

“Indeed, Bodhi possesses two distinct aspects, namely a higher and a lower aspect. The lower aspect pertains to the animating force that is currently being utilized by yourself to perpetuate this world and your own existence within it. This aspect is subject to your skandha-based will and merit, and as such, you have the power to determine your own destiny and the experiences that you encounter and learn from. This lower aspect is also referred to as the Bodhipower of your ‘sleeping Buddha’, which has the potential to awaken when it is reunited with the higher aspect. Contrary to the teachings of Dogen, it is important to note that you are not inherently a Buddha, nor do you possess a Buddha Mind from birth. Rather, as a sentient being, you possess the potential to awaken the ‘sleeping Buddha’, which is currently dreaming your existence.”

“Could you please provide further elaboration on the matter at hand?”

“Certainly <smile>. You are, in essence, a mere figment of imagination in the dormant potential of a Buddha. Despite the peculiarity of this statement, a thorough analysis of the true meaning of a sentient being will lead to the realization of its inherent nature and the necessity to cease the cycle of perpetual ‘becoming’. This cessation will awaken the dormant Buddha and ultimately lead to liberation from any illusory suffering caused by imagined dukkha.

As one delves deeper into the realm of Bodhi, one discovers the exquisite essence of countless Buddhas, fully awakened and ceaselessly emanating Bodhi in all ten directions, illuminating the path for those who slumber. It is important to note that a Buddha is also known as a Light-bringer or ‘light-maker’. The higher aspect of Bodhi is revealed through their <will> and Noble Wisdom, not through one’s own. Its power is beyond measure, far surpassing the limits of human imagination. To embrace its reality, known as Tathata, one must transcend the skandha matrix and awaken to its presence, entering the dark principle of the Unborn Mind. This surrender invites a most mystical Initiation, a <union> between the Lower and the Higher, a divine merging of the self with the infinite.

At a certain point, the perfect conditions align for the initiation into the spiritual community of the Buddhas. The one who is on a lower level of understanding is now prepared to catch a glimpse of the higher realm. As a result, the initiation occurs according to the <will> of the higher power, rather than one’s own desires. This concept is also depicted in the Christian Bible when Jesus speaks these words, revealing that he wishes for the suffering to be relieved, but ultimately submits to the greater divine plan: “Father, if you are willing, please take this suffering away from me. Yet, I defer to your will and your plan” (Luke 22:42)

If the appropriate conditions are met, one may experience a powerful energy or “wind” that permeates their being or mind. This sensation may be accompanied by a remarkable sense of elevation or ascension, which can also be perceived as an infinite expansion. Therefore, it is imperative that one’s mind is trained to remain in a constant state of 4th Dhyana, a stage that is distant from the majority of individuals who are preoccupied with phenomena and meaningless pursuits. There are ample individuals who waste their time engaging in fruitless activities, such as sitting idly, and mistakenly believe that such practices will lead to liberation. However, I must emphasize that even if they were to sit for countless kalpas, they would only experience lower spiritual states that hold no value, and they would not be able to progress to the second or third dhyana level. Instead, they would likely become ensnared in one or more of the 50 false enlightenments mentioned in the Shurangama Sutra, perpetuating their imagined dissatisfaction.”

“May I ask if sitting is incorrect then?”

“No, it is not incorrect. However, the Mind must detach itself from the concepts of sitting, walking, breathing, and other similar notions. It should instead concentrate on transcending these illusory phenomena and seek fulfillment within itself. Those who focus on following the infinite self-induced phenomena of the Mind, believing that this posterior and unwholesome act can lead to enlightenment, are so foolish that a new term must be coined to classify this degree of stupidity.”

“OK then, I agree wholeheartedly.”

“No! Refuse to acquiesce to mere statements, my dear friend. Attend closely, execute with precision, and assess with discernment! The Mind knows no equivocation. At present, behold the presence or absence of a thing! It is akin to a binary state in the rudimentary language of computers. In due course, you shall uncover the enigmatic quantum Supraposition of the Mind, wherein it can seemingly exist and not exist simultaneously in myriad “places” or realities. All of this is made possible by its wondrous, illuminating power of undying Bodhi. The authentic Mind is unborn, utterly pure, and exquisitely expressive in its creativity. Undoubtedly, it is through this Bodhipower that the enigma of the Tower at hand shall be resolved.”


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