The Ubiquitous Edifice

The remarkable accomplishment of sealing the karmic voids left Evan in a state of astonishment.

“Indeed, you possess the extraordinary ability to dissolve and absolve the relentless cycle of the karmadhatu. Pray tell, how might such a feat be accomplished?”

The mischievous being responded with a sly grin, “Kindly lend me your ear, and I shall narrate a story that is truly remarkable to contemplate.”

“Long ago, I was trapped in a defensive state of mind that kept me isolated from the cosmos. My thoughts were filled with outdated words, and my emotions were stifled by hardened feelings that overshadowed my every heartbeat, preventing any light from shining through. My desire for life had turned into a prison, consuming me and leaving me feeling lost without purpose. In despising myself and cutting myself off from others, I found myself in this dark tower, questioning who I truly was. I was nothing more than a lonely figure, lost in my own ego. But then, without warning, a powerful force emerged both within and around me – the omnipotent power that unites all entities in perfect harmony. It was as if a floodgate had opened, allowing the energy of both Heaven and the physical world to flow through me like a storm. I experienced the intensity of the Earth’s core and the brilliance of the universe’s center. I became a conduit, no longer merely an inhabitant of the tower. And then, the joy of unity burst forth. The high became low, and the low became high. I understood that everything trapped in the physical world flowed through me. I, the epitome of grandeur, stood as the central pillar of a celestial dance. I was nothing short of the human form, basking in the radiance of its primordial energy.

“The enigma of the tower, struck by a thunderbolt from the heavens, compels me to declare its significance and import with utmost clarity, in order to leave an indelible impression on all those who seek profound truths.

“As this truth takes hold, flashes of insight beckon one to embrace change. Having achieved great feats and attained a profound understanding, one is now summoned to a higher calling. This calling demands that one break free from the confines of old structures and experience life anew. It is the very essence of Satori: the ultimate expression of unbridled freedom, where the mind is liberated and the true essence of the Self is unveiled and comprehended. This profound realization awakens the very nature of existence itself. A crucial element in attaining satori is the art of acceptance.”

Evan inquired, “And so you ventured forth to bask in the glory of your True and Undivided Self amidst this unfettered ocean of vice?”

“Verily so,” replied the impish creature. “The Tower itself remains the perpetual source of my strength and ability to shape phenomena to my will.”

Evan responded with awe, stating, “It appears to possess qualities akin to those of a living organism.”

“Indeed, it is accurate to state that it appears as though the voice of the Tower itself once communicated with me.”

I possess the spiritual energy that liberates the imprisoned inner-self, enabling it to ascend to greater fulfillment. The sudden immersion into an alternate state of awareness can be a liberating experience, even if its significance is not immediately apparent. At times my apparent upheaval can also dismantle spiritual arrogance, breaking down the barriers of outdated creeds and dogmas, and propelling you towards new, intuitive, and vibrant spiritual pursuits.”

“It is intriguing to contemplate the most effective means of harnessing the spiritual energy within oneself,” responded Evan.”

“Quite right. Meditation itself is the noble and valiant endeavor of the “lower self” to harmonize with the “higher Self” in the divine radiance. As concentration is a prerequisite to meditation, so does the latter inevitably lead to contemplation, a transition from reflection and dialogue to the stillness and utter silence of a supernatural communion in the Unborn. In this state, one no longer merely ponders from afar, but rather, the very essence of the matter is present and reveals itself. Contemplation is the fusion of the thinker with reality, where one does not arrive at a “conclusion,” but rather, one receives – or rather, experiences – the imprint of Reality itself.

“Finally, the Tower experience strikes with the ferocity of a lightning bolt, shattering the outdated hierarchies of the past. It is said that the Tower embodies the opulent interpretation of the cosmos, while the lightning symbolizes the destruction that befalls a life built solely on materialistic principles. The mystics proclaim that revelation reveals itself in a sudden and potent lightning bolt that eradicates the illusions of the physical realm in a single, awe-inspiring moment. This phenomenon is akin to the transformative experiences of Paul on his journey to Damascus or the one that struck Buddha while meditating under the Bodhi tree.”

Evan found himself standing in solitary silence amidst a revelation that filled him with a sense of reverence and wonder.


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