Starship Unbound

Disembarking from the enigmatic tower, a peculiar sensation overcame Evan as a fiery tremble coursed through his entire body. His heart accelerated its rhythm, and the mind was consumed by tumultuous thoughts. He became acutely aware of the presence of portentous mysteries that surrounded him. Soon after, beams of light penetrated his very being, illuminating many things that had previously been shrouded in darkness, of whose existence Evan had been unaware. Veils were lifted, and whispers of wisdom echoed in his ears, causing all previous knowledge to take on a new and different meaning. He discovered a symphony of connections between disparate elements, previously thought to be unrelated. Objects that were once distant and dissimilar now appeared close and similar. In the sky, a colossal star appeared, surrounded by seven smaller stars whose rays intermingled, filling space with immeasurable radiance and splendor.

Upon realization, Evan was enraptured by the celestial realm of which the great Plotinus spoke: A place where all is diaphanous, where darkness and resistance are but a distant memory, and where clarity reigns supreme. Every facet of this ethereal plane is laid bare, visible to all who seek it, both within and without. Light begets light, as all things contain within themselves the essence of all else, and in turn, perceive all things in one another. Thus, all is everywhere, and all is one. Each entity, no matter how small, is imbued with the grandeur of infinity. The splendor of this realm is boundless, for even the most minuscule of elements is endowed with greatness beyond measure. Yea, starship unbound.

In a hushed tone, a melodious voice gently caressed his ear. “Your authentic journey is now commencing once again. By engaging in introspection, you are now able to perceive veracity. You can comprehend your inherent disposition and your place in the cosmos. This awareness empowers you to alter your manner of self-articulation. By comprehending your True Nature, you are capable of having faith in yourself, and thus adjust and regulate your conduct in accordance with your own intuition. At present, there is no longer a necessity to justify yourself or to behave defensively as you have done previously. You may withdraw serenely. You may rest in quietude. All of your progress has been achieved through introspection. You have engaged in reflection during moments of tranquility and contemplation in periods of silence. You have successfully subdued the disruptive impact of external noise and eliminated distractions.

“One has acquired this knowledge through the trials and tribulations of both their current and past lives. The journey has been arduous, marked by repeated encounters with the destruction of what was once believed to be the ultimate truth, as well as the wreckage of one’s own life. The very foundations of one’s existence have been repeatedly shattered. However, throughout these experiences, nothing essential has been forfeited or abandoned. Each experience has contributed to one’s growth and transformation, ultimately leading to a sense of wholeness. At times, setbacks may have been perceived as regression, but in reality, they were merely a transition to a more demanding level of Self-realization.

“Your celestial Mind is ascending. You have discovered the commencement of the veracious path. You are traversing the route towards eternal Bodhi-delight. You have reconciled with your inner being and comprehended that all corporeal entities are ephemeral. Every form must be surpassed and relinquished. The everlasting existence and illumination are situated within the inner realm. You have acquired this gnosis by shifting the focus of your mind’s gaze from the observation of superficiality to the supraperception of Actuality. You have realized that it is imperative to pursue your own destiny in Light of the Unborn.

“If the tower was the disruptive force that shattered the illusion of security, then the star serves as a source of inspiration and guidance to rebuild with a heightened perspective. It represents the stabilization and tranquility that follows the revelations brought about by the tower. Metaphorically, the Star embodies the ethereal mentor that we bear within, who is inextricably linked to the most profound energies of the cosmos and to the divine. It represents the enigmatic facet of our being, in which we can place our trust: our “fortunate star.” Seek sanctuary within its embrace. Its luminosity shall guide you towards further uncharted realms of the Unborn.”


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