A Most Luminous Light

As Evan’s arduous journey pressed on, he found himself confronted with a desolate plain that stretched out before him, a barren and bleak expanse that seemed to have been forsaken by the very gods themselves. The full moon, radiant and resplendent in all her glory, cast a contemplative gaze upon the land, as if hesitant to unveil the secrets that lay hidden within. Under the moon’s wavering light, the shadows seemed to come alive, dancing and swaying in their own peculiar rhythm, as if they possessed a life of their own.

In the distance, Evan’s eyes were drawn to the majestic blue hills that stood proudly, their peaks reaching towards the heavens. Between these towering grey structures, a winding path stretched out, seemingly leading to a destination far beyond the reaches of his sight. It was a path that beckoned him forward, promising adventure and mystery.

Yet, as Evan approached the path, he noticed two figures that sat on either side, their presence adding an eerie aura to the already haunting scene. A wolf and a dog, their silhouettes illuminated by the moon’s ethereal glow, sat and howled at the night sky. Their mournful cries echoed through the stillness, sending a chill down Evan’s spine. He recalled the ancient belief that dogs possess an uncanny ability to sense the presence of thieves and ghosts, and a shiver ran down his spine, causing his heart to quicken its pace.

Just as Evan’s unease began to settle in, a sudden movement caught his attention. From a nearby rivulet, a large black crab emerged, its claws clicking against the sand as it made its way towards him. The sight of this unexpected visitor only added to the eerie atmosphere that surrounded him. A heavy, cold dew began to fall, dampening the ground beneath his feet and further intensifying the sense of foreboding that hung in the air.

With each passing moment, Evan felt himself being drawn deeper into this enigmatic landscape, his curiosity and trepidation intertwining like the shadows that danced before him. Little did he know that this desolate plain held secrets that would challenge his very perception of reality, and that his journey was far from finished.

Dread consumed Evan, his heart pounding in his chest, as he became acutely aware of the existence of a mysterious realm. It was a world teeming with malevolent spirits, where corpses clawed their way out of their graves and wailing ghosts roamed freely. The pale moonlight cast an eerie glow upon the scene, intensifying the feeling of being watched by unseen eyes lurking behind the towering structures.

Evan’s instincts screamed at him to keep moving forward, to resist the temptation of looking back into the shadows. He knew all too well the dangers that awaited him there. Yet, as if in defiance of his fear, the radiant luminosity of the full moon managed to penetrate his apprehensions. Its ethereal glow seemed to cast a protective shield around him, causing a faint smile to grace the moon’s silvery countenance.

In that fleeting moment, Evan’s attention was abruptly diverted by a sound that seemed to emanate from the very fabric of the night. It was a voice, so enchanting and melodious, that it sent shivers down his spine. The dulcet tones gently caressed his ears, whispering words that seemed to carry a hidden message. It was the most captivating voice he had ever encountered, and it held him spellbound.

As the whispered words reached his ears, Evan felt a strange mixture of fear and fascination. The voice seemed to possess an otherworldly quality, as if it belonged to a being from a realm beyond human comprehension. Its words were laden with a mysterious power, drawing him closer to the edge of his own reality.

Unable to resist the allure any longer, Evan turned his gaze towards the source of the voice. What he saw defied all logic and reason. Standing before him was a figure cloaked in darkness, yet emanating a faint glow that seemed to dance in harmony with the moonlight. It was a being of ethereal beauty, with eyes that held the secrets of a thousand lifetimes.

In that moment, Evan’s fear was momentarily forgotten, replaced by an overwhelming curiosity. He felt an inexplicable connection to this enigmatic being, as if they were bound by a thread that transcended time and space. The voice continued to weave its enchanting spell, drawing him further into its web of mystery.

“Our initial encounter took place within the realm of my enigmatic relative, the Primordial. At that time, you were still in pursuit of external sources of wisdom. Nevertheless, due to the subsequent experiences you have undergone, it is evident that you now comprehend that the very essence of what you seek resides within you, and has always been an inseparable component of your being. One’s vision of the future may be obscured, yet it is imperative to remain steadfast on the chosen path.  Place your trust in intuition, for in the depths of despair, you shall discover the radiance of your own inner light. Allow this light to illuminate the shadows of fear, and in doing so, you shall be propelled towards a greater understanding of self, imbued with strength and self-assurance.

“Amidst the trials and tribulations that beset you, you found yourself questioning, ‘Why must I endure such hardships?’ Yet, in the depths of your despair, profound revelations emerged. Ideas, like ethereal specters, ascended from the depths of your consciousness. Just when you believed you could bear no more, another ordeal presented itself, and yet you persisted. You pressed on, unwavering in your determination, and in doing so, new thoughts blossomed forth. New pathways, previously unseen, materialized before your very eyes. Time has been spent in deep contemplation and envisioning, resulting in profound spiritual awakening.

“Under the solemn radiance of my luminosity, your intuition now reigns supreme. You have kept the mystical aspects of your being confined, but as the Moon ascends, these facets are set free. At a certain juncture, when guided by the Unborn’s influence, we begin to reflect on our past and realize that our journey thus far has been right and just. We come to comprehend that there is nothing truly novel under the Sun, and that everything is unfolding as it should. We perceive that while the river of life may appear to be in constant motion, forever changing and presenting new experiences, it remains unchanged at its core. It seems to flow aimlessly, yet possesses a certain consistency, a certain endurance. It remains the same in both triumph and defeat. This river, in all its sameness, holds a profound significance. To those with the ability to perceive, every step taken within this river of life becomes sacred ground.

“Certainly, akin to the celestial presence of the moon positioned overhead, the Buddha Mind or one’s authentic essence embodies a parallel significance. How do we attain this Self-realization? We reach this juncture by consciously undergoing and forming a connection with the formidable challenges we face. Each trial then becomes a rite of passage, enabling us to progress to the subsequent stage. La Luna represents the ultimate initiation into divine darkness. It signifies the final symbolic demise, succeeded by a divine rebirth in the Unborn. You are currently in the concluding phase of a sequence of trials.

“What sets apart the commencement of this opulent day from its predecessors? It is the recognition of your mind’s independent odyssey. It is the cognizance that every formidable impediment encountered on your journey served as a test of your fortitude and tenacity. It constituted an appraisal of your spiritual prowess, determination, and proficiency. In the opulent rite of your divine initiation, your corporeal form transcends into a luminous entity. In this sacred ceremony, you relinquish the weight of your past and embrace the celestial effulgence bestowed upon you by a superior evolutionary manifestation. The everlasting radiance permeates your divine essence, as if you are reaching towards the heavens, accepting and comprehending. The hands of divinity envelop you in their embrace, imbuing you with the enchanting seeds of sagacity. You can never revert to your former self, for the rite of passage is consummated. You have metamorphosed into the very fount of Unborn Light. Svaha.”


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