An Arcanum of Intuition

As I continued my journey along the winding road, a breathtaking scene unfolded before my eyes. The once gloomy sky had transformed into a canvas of vibrant colors, as the heavy clouds gracefully dispersed, allowing the radiant sun to cast its golden rays upon the horizon. The road ahead seemed to glow with an ethereal luminosity, beckoning me to venture further.

As I approached a clearing in the distance, my heart quickened with anticipation. At the center of this enchanting space stood a magnificent podium, seemingly carved out of the very essence of beauty itself. Its grandeur was unparalleled, commanding attention and admiration from all who laid eyes upon it.

But it was not the podium alone that captivated my senses; it was what adorned it that truly took my breath away. A resplendent tablet, gleaming with an otherworldly brilliance, was perched atop the podium as if it were a sacred relic. Its surface seemed to radiate a celestial energy, as if it held within it the secrets of the universe.

The tablet, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, was a sight to behold. Its elegant design and intricate etchings spoke of a profound wisdom and ancient knowledge. It was as if the tablet itself was a living entity, pulsating with a divine power that resonated with the very core of my being.

As I drew closer, the inscription on the tablet came into focus. The words, delicately etched into the surface, seemed to dance before my eyes, inviting me to decipher their hidden meaning. With bated breath, I began to read the elegantly unfolded message.

The enigmatic essence of intuition lies within the realm of illuminating innocence, unveiling profound wisdom. It bestows upon the soul an unwavering gaze, untroubled by the shadows of uncertainty and the hesitations born from it. It is the divine vision that perceives reality in its unadulterated form, basking under the eternal radiance of a new dawn. This sacred knowledge imparts the art of surrendering to the pure and unadorned impressions that effortlessly unveil the essence of existence. It transcends the realm of intellectual conjectures and elaborate constructs, allowing the truth of things to manifest in their unfiltered splendor. To elevate impressions to a realm beyond the mundane, this is the essence of the Arcanum “The Sun,” the embodiment of intuitive revelation.

The exquisite Arcanum of intuition lies in the art of elevating the reflective intelligence to the realm of creative brilliance. It is the harmonious fusion of this enlightened intelligence with profound wisdom, a magnificent endeavor that entails the restoration of the celestial bond between the diminished light of earthly intellect and the resplendent radiance of celestial knowledge. Once this celestial union is achieved, the reawakened intelligence shall be united with the divine wisdom, transcending mortal limitations and embracing the Unborn essence.

Evan’s internal mentor subsequently addressed him in the following manner:

“Behold, a revelation dawns upon you! The brilliance of enlightenment illuminates your path, as you emerge into a realm of resplendence. It becomes clear to you that you have traversed a celestial conduit, guided by divine agencies towards profound realization. Now, you bask in the radiance of beauty, for in this realization, you are reborn amidst a luminous aura. Every facet of your being, both the luminous and the obscure, harmoniously intertwine. Your fears, once overwhelming, now find their rightful place in the grand tapestry of existence. Every aspect of your being merges seamlessly with the celestial light that permeates the cosmos. The eternal radiance of the divine cosmos becomes an integral part of your essence, forever intertwined. The divine light, everlasting and unyielding, transcends the ephemeral darkness that may momentarily shroud your path. The transient movements of the mortal vessel pale in comparison to the profound gnosis you have attained. Through this awakening, you experience a spiritual rebirth, a metamorphosis of the soul.

“One is reborn by achieving a state of singularity in both mind and spirit. This state of singularity allows one to perceive the imageless countenance of the Unborn, thereby transcending all limitations. As stated by Jesus in Matthew 6:22, ‘The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.’ You have truly embarked on a remarkable journey of self-transformation. Your unwavering dedication to following the Lankavatarian ten-fold path to Noble Self-realization is truly commendable. You have shown great perseverance in cultivating:

Right Understanding: In recognizing the inherent truth that all that is brought into existence, conceived, and undergoes transformation is ultimately destined to deteriorate and cease to exist, it can be concluded that the process of birth, conception, and becoming of any phenomenon is inherently characterized by suffering for a Mind that clings to these phenomena. The underlying principle here lies in the fact that the Mind becomes subservient to that which it pursues.

Right Mindfulness: The emergence of this concept stems from a profound comprehension within a particular state of consciousness, wherein a commitment is made to refrain from blindly adhering to external phenomena. Instead, the focus is on cultivating the ability to transcend the ingrained patterns of dependence that arise in relation to these phenomena. Consequently, it is imperative for the mind to take precedence over all external occurrences, so as to liberate itself from servitude and attain the rightful status of self-awakened mastery.

Right Speech: A discerning intellect, one that comprehends the potency of causality and the unceasing origin that sustains this principle, is cognizant of the perilous consequences that may arise if it fails to exercise prudence in its expressions. Essentially, it enlightens the intellect that hitherto it has been “reactive” to what it has deemed as tangible and vastly disparate from its ephemeral being.

Right Action: The correct perspective is held by a mind that has realized that the root cause of its previous reactions and consequent suffering is essentially the same essence that acted upon its desires and delusions. This mind has discovered that the true actor is inherently deathless, radiant, profoundly comprehensible, self-evident, effortlessly perfect, and entirely free from the taint of fear, arrogance, desire, avarice, and ignorance.

Right Living: The thought that now enters this Mind is one of awakening. Until now, it has nurtured various desires to find a temporary dwelling. It has sought convenient justifications to live a comfortable life in a mortal body, and for this body, it has sought a suitable refuge to find peace and fulfill its desires. However, with a correct understanding of the Unborn Mind, which requires no dwelling and has no need for a physical abode, this Mind has now embraced the obscure principle of existing in that which precedes all dwellings. This Mind has entered the initial stage of equilibrium and serenity, even in the midst of chaos.

Right Effort: The current state of affairs for such a Mind entails a profound understanding of the realities within the realms of internal and external phenomena. It possesses a limited number of illusions regarding the world and recognizes the detrimental consequences that have arisen from the previous veneration of deceptive deities such as fear, pride, desire, greed, and ignorance. These misguided practices have inflicted considerable suffering upon it and fostered the development of numerous unfavorable habits. Consequently, this Mind directs its attention towards that which is genuine, while consciously evading the allure of falsehoods. It diligently avoids engaging in habitual patterns that lead to suffering and instead strives for transformation into a more wholesome existence.

Right Faith: Through diligent study, examination, and assessment of what has been discovered as truth, the notion of gotra (Bodhi-seed) is comprehended and embraced, leading to a state of enduring bliss. This acquisition of faith subsequently prompts a deeper exploration and contemplation of this enigmatic principle, which had previously eluded understanding due to the captivating influence of external or internal phenomena.

Right Concentration: (Dhyana) Now, the Mind has transformed into a vibrant and joyful actuality. It comprehends the age-old adage that states, “the reality of the Mind is shaped by its focal point.” Consequently, it directs its attention towards that which remains impervious to deterioration, corruption, or any form of distortion, namely the gotra.

Through proper concentration on this eternal source of wisdom, one attains the fourth level of dhyana and progresses further until reaching the level of Tathagata dhyana. At this stage, one becomes aware of the illuminating light of the Unborn Mind, which precedes and animates the false reality perceived by countless sentient beings who are influenced by the five great thieves (skhandas). One also discovers the highest manifestation of bodhipower in the Unborn Mind, which is inherently empty yet capable of instantaneously animating any form or formless state. Furthermore, one realizes the interconnectedness between this illusory dual state and all minds that are captivated by its ever-changing reflections. With this profound insight, one uncovers…

Right Gnosis: Having acquired the appropriate knowledge, it has reached an irreversible stage. At present, it is liberated from the afflictions and perpetual cycle of transformation caused by ignorance and the belief in a mortal existence, namely the physical body. It takes delight in the euphoric liberation bestowed by the boundless creative potential of the Unborn Mind, and consequently, it unearths its authentic essence as nothing but its inherent nature, known as Tathata. Henceforth, it can genuinely proclaim itself as truly awakened and eternally emancipated from the constraints of ignorance and suffering. It patiently awaits the opportune moment of:

Right Release: After having regained the correct understanding of its true nature, which the Lankavatarians often refer to as Noble Wisdom, the entity has come to realize what was always present but previously obscured by defilements – Buddhahood. It now comprehends that a Buddha can never be born and therefore can never die. The Mind that truly embodies a Buddha is thus perfectly Unborn. It recognizes that the true nature of a Buddha Mind is a supra-consciousness of sheer productivity, or creative light, which illuminates all ten directions and is therefore the creator of all countless Minds that desire to remain as sentient beings due to ignorance and inadequate ideas. It understands that it can manifest before any such Mind through infinite Bodhisattvic aspects, or awakened ideas. To such a Mind, the body is now perceived as a mere illusion, a bubble in the water of infinite creative light. This Mind can now free itself from this bubble at any given moment and “join” the most radiant and compassionate truth that encompasses all suffering minds that still cling to the idea of becoming and conditioning and are blind to the unbecoming and unconditioned nirvana element known as Noble Wisdom…

“You have now verified the ultimate reality or the Unborn Mind.

“Hence, the exquisite Arcanum of intuition is that of revelatory naivety in the act of Self-gnosis, which endows the spirit with an intensity of gaze untroubled by doubt and the scruples that doubt engenders. It is the vision of things as they truly are, basking in the eternal radiance of the sun’s new day. This Arcanum teaches the art of surrendering oneself to the pure and simple impressions that reveal the essence of things, unencumbered by intellectual hypotheses and superstructures. To imbue these impressions with a noumenous quality is the very essence of the Arcanum “The Sun”, the Arcanum of intuition.”


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