Sex Magick

Pamela’s mind was racing as she stood before the strange entity. She had never encountered anything like it before, and yet, here it was, communicating with her telepathically. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder at the situation.

“May I inquire as to your name?” Pamela asked tentatively, her thoughts reaching out to the entity.

To her surprise, the entity responded, its voice echoing in her mind. It articulated its name through its contorted and inverted mouth, and Pamela couldn’t help but marvel at the sound of it.

“That is an exquisite name!” she exclaimed, her thoughts filled with admiration. “Agnes, did you hear that?”

Agnes, who had been standing nearby, nodded in agreement. “Indeed, I concur,” she said. “It is a truly beautiful name.”

Pamela couldn’t help but feel a sense of connection to the entity, despite its strange appearance. She wondered what other secrets it held, what other mysteries it could reveal to her. For a moment, she felt as though she was on the brink of discovering something truly extraordinary.

The Tower Room itself underwent a notable transformation at this point; the lingering atmosphere of chilling terror was replaced by prevailing vibrations of warm tenderness and a profound connection between Pamela and the creature named Desiree. Furthermore, the room underwent a magnificent transfiguration… This resplendent space, adorned with exquisite architectural marvels, emitted an aura of regality and refinement. The room’s majestic structure, meticulously crafted with utmost attention to detail, stood as a testament to the pinnacle of opulence. The women’s senses were immediately captivated by the symphony of luxury that enveloped them. The walls, embellished with gilded accents and adorned with intricate tapestries, whispered tales of a bygone era. The ceiling, a masterpiece of artistic prowess, showcased a celestial mural that transported them to a realm of celestial beauty. The room’s focal point, a magnificent chandelier, cascaded a shower of shimmering crystals, casting a mesmerizing glow that danced upon the room’s sumptuous furnishings. Desiree’s contorted form began to vibrate, emitting a low, muffled, humming sound; it appeared to Pamela that the room itself was beginning to hum, gradually commencing a spinning motion. A revelation of a bygone era began to materialize.

Pamela stood transfixed, her eyes fixed upon the mesmerizing marvel before her. The room seemed to fade away as she delved deeper into her thoughts, captivated by the profound revelation that lay before her. The air was thick with anticipation, as if time itself had come to a standstill.

But suddenly, the tranquility was shattered by the intrusion of an ominous figure. A man, with an aura of darkness surrounding him, stepped into the room, his presence sending a chill down Pamela’s spine. It was none other than Aleister Crowley, a name that carried with it a reputation of enigma and malevolence.

As Crowley’s piercing gaze met theirs, his lips curled into a sinister smile. His voice, deep and gravelly, broke the silence, sending shivers through the room. “Hello, Agnes,” he growled, his words dripping with a venomous tone that echoed in the air.

“I thought you were dead these many years,” Agnes retorted, her voice laced with a mixture of surprise and defiance. The words escaped her lips before she could fully grasp the gravity of the situation. Fear and curiosity intertwined within her, as she awaited Crowley’s response, unsure of what lay ahead.

“All instances amalgamate into a unified entity – you, being the most knowledgeable, should be well aware of this fact.”

“I see that you persist in indulging in your practice of Black Magick; why you have summoned us to reconvene within the initial atmosphere of this chamber?”

“I would like to demonstrate to you the unwavering willpower that still resides within me, as well as to unveil the concealed nature of the small entity among us. It is important to note that she and her lineage represent the enduring consequences of my previous encounter with Lam, which occurred many years ago. She is a Laminite, a direct outcome of the intercourse I shared with them during the practice of Sex Magick.

“In fact, she’s not the only one—look about you.”

Abruptly, additional diminutive entities manifested themselves, akin to Desiree, as they proceeded to crawl in close proximity to one another.

“It’s absolutely grand to have all my children!”

“More akin to woeful and ill-fated progeny birthed from the depths of your malevolent enchantments,” snapped Agnes.

“Your words, on the contrary, are lamentable and insufficiently equipped to counteract my intentions for them and the numerous ones that will follow.”

“Precisely, what are your intentions regarding them,” remarked Pamela.

“You are privileged to witness the birth of a new magical race, conceived through interdimensional intercourse that surpasses the natural order itself.”

“Furthermore, may I assert that the aforementioned objectives encompass the desire to triumph over and subjugate the inherent structure of the world? Would it be accurate to state so?” chimed in Agnes.

“Your eloquence with words is truly remarkable, my esteemed former lover. I assure you that my intentions are clear and precise.”

As the events unfolded, the diminutive entities, their small figures huddled together in a tight circle, intertwined their hands and connected their minds. A peculiar energy emanated from their collective being, growing in intensity until it transformed into a piercing, shrill sound that reverberated through the air itself.

Caught completely off guard by this unexpected turn of events, Crowley, who had been observing the scene with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation, let out a startled shriek. In an instant, he vanished into thin air, leaving behind nothing but a lingering sense of his presence. As if his disappearance had triggered some sort of mystical mechanism, the Tower Room underwent a swift transformation, reverting back to its original state.

Now, Pamela, Agnes, and Desiree found themselves once again alone in the room, their eyes wide with astonishment and confusion. The air seemed to hold a lingering sense of enchantment, as if the very fabric of reality had been momentarily disrupted by the strange power of the diminutive entities.

Pamela, her heart pounding in her chest, took a hesitant step forward, her gaze darting around the room in search of any clue as to what had just transpired. Agnes, her usually composed demeanor shaken, clutched onto Desiree’s arm for support, her mind racing to make sense of the inexplicable events they had just witnessed.

Pamela’s voice trembled with anxiety as she struggled to make sense of the bewildering events that had just unfolded before her eyes. She turned to her friend Agnes, hoping for some clarity amidst the chaos.

“I… I am unable to comprehend the sudden manifestation of everything that occurred right in front of me,” Pamela confessed, her voice filled with confusion and disbelief. “Agnes, would you kindly elaborate on the events that have just transpired?”

Agnes sighed, her expression reflecting a mix of concern and awe. “Desiree and her siblings have evidently displayed a level of power that surpasses my initial expectations,” she explained, her voice tinged with both admiration and apprehension. “Collectively, their psychic capabilities stand unparalleled in terms of their sheer determination. It’s truly remarkable.”

Pamela’s eyes widened, her mind struggling to grasp the magnitude of what Agnes was saying. “But how is that possible?” she asked, her voice filled with genuine curiosity. “How can they possess such extraordinary abilities?”

Agnes paused for a moment, her gaze fixed on the ground as she carefully chose her words. “Aleister,” she began, her voice laced with a hint of caution, “lacks any comprehension of the audacious consequences he has recklessly set in motion. His actions have unleashed a force that even he cannot fully comprehend.”

Pamela’s confusion deepened, her brow furrowing in perplexity. “I find myself perplexed by yet another matter that eludes my comprehension,” she admitted, her voice tinged with frustration. “How is it possible that Aleister Crowley remains among the living? I thought he was long gone.”

“Aleister’s existence defies all logic and reason. It’s as if he possesses some sort of immortality, a power that keeps him alive against all odds.”

Pamela’s mind raced with questions, her curiosity piqued by the enigmatic nature of Aleister’s continued presence. “And what about his statement regarding your past romantic involvement?” she asked, her voice filled with anticipation. “What does it mean?”


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4 Responses to Sex Magick

  1. Jure says:

    Hey! Just swung by your blog and clicked on ‘Sex Magick.’ I must admit, I’m more puzzled than a cat at a dog show!

    Keep doing your thang!
    Hope you’re well!

    Much love,

    • Vajragoni says:

      Hey, Jure, great to hear from you my old friend! LOL! It’s all part of an ongoing narrative for the novel. The part you read and the next will involve Crowley, but after that it will shift again. Thanks for reading! Hope you and your family are well and surviving our crazy world.

      • Jure says:


        Ah! That explains it. You’re going to publish a novel?

        My worldly family was torn apart. But my true family is “not of this world”. This is something that a dream from childhood already revealed to me, but I had to remember the dream again after decades. How odd! – I believe that such dreams are kinds of “clues” we leave ourselves before we get too entangled in worldly concerns. There is, we know, a moment of perfect clarity between one birth and the other birth. But we are not ready to embrace the otherworldly unborn Light so we retreat back into another rebirth.

        It’s incredible how many delusions and sufferings we have to experience, again and again, and how many times we have to fool ourselves before we are ready to accept the truth that we have no other mission than self-realization. That all other pursuits are temporary upaya at best but most likely frivolous waste of time.

        Only when one is ready to STAKE IT ALL on this, then progress can be made. One of the best blessings that happened to me recently was to lose my wealth. I’m not saying this ironically — I think my practice would have suffered tremendously if I had kept it.

        Is Tozen still around?

        Be well,
        Sarva Mangalam

        • Vajragoni says:

          Thank you for your message. It is a poignant reflection on the fragility of the human condition. Regrettably, my financial situation is currently unstable due to ongoing health issues. Specifically, my dental health has been a source of concern, as my insurance does not cover dental procedures. I am currently undergoing a costly dental procedure, which involves the extraction of two teeth and the installation of implants, costing over $5,000. Additionally, I am undergoing orthodontic work, which is costing me an additional $3,000. Furthermore, I am experiencing ongoing bladder issues, which require me to self-catheterize for the rest of my life. Despite these challenges, I remain grateful for my spiritual strength, which continues to sustain me on this journey. Tozen remains present, albeit quiet. I hope that brighter days are on the horizon for you, my friend. I know your fortitude will carry you through.

          Love, Vajragoni

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