As Pamela stepped through the towering entrance of The Third Tower, a mysterious voice resonated through the air, reaching her ears with an ethereal presence. “There is no security in this life,” the voice, ancient and primordial, declared, its words carrying a weight of wisdom. It seemed to echo from the depths of time itself, as if spoken by the very essence of existence.

Caught off guard by the unexpected greeting, Pamela’s curiosity was piqued. She couldn’t help but wonder about the meaning behind those profound words. What did it truly mean to have no security in life? Was it a warning, a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the world? Or perhaps it was an invitation to embrace the unknown, to let go of the illusion of control and find solace in the unpredictability of existence.

As these thoughts swirled in her mind, the voice continued, its tone both soothing and commanding. “We must learn to embrace the uncertainty,” it urged, as if imparting a timeless lesson. Pamela felt a sense of intrigue and anticipation building within her, as if she was about to embark on a deeper profound journey of self-discovery.

“And to find strength in our spirit,” the voice concluded, its words resonating deep within Pamela’s being. It was a call to tap into the inner reservoirs of resilience and courage, to draw upon the untapped potential that lay dormant within her soul. The voice seemed to imply that true strength was not found in external circumstances or material possessions, but rather in the depths of one’s own spirit.

Pamela stood there, in the grandeur of the Third Tower, feeling a newfound sense of purpose and determination. She realized that this encounter was no mere coincidence, but a pivotal moment in her life’s journey. With each step she took, she vowed to embrace the uncertainty that lay ahead, to face the challenges with unwavering strength, and to discover the depths of her own spirit.

And so, Pamela ventured forth into the Third Tower, her heart filled with anticipation and her mind open to the infinite possibilities that awaited her. Little did she know that this encounter with the enigmatic voice would shape her destiny, leading her towards a path of self-discovery, resilience, and a profound understanding of the true nature of security in this ever-changing world. Again, she looked to the scroll.

Do not allow your aversions to consume you. Whenever we experience aversions in life, they only become worse when we react to them in a negative manner. Instead of immediately labeling them as oppressors, take a step back and evaluate them in the perspective of the Unborn, which always exposes the self-oppressive nature of our ego. It is true, we hold onto our false sense of self too dearly! Moreover, self-importance is the main culprit behind all of this; it is like a demon! It stands in direct opposition to Self-Realization, which is achieved through self-awareness and understanding that these flaws in life are inherently empty and lack any true substance. They can be compared to two ghostly ships passing each other on a foggy night, both lacking true substance and destined to fade away. Above all, strive to respond to any situation with compassion. 

In the realm of absolute assurance, there lies a profound understanding that every obstacle and challenge can be conquered. It is an unwavering recognition that the tumultuous nature of samsara, the cycle of birth and death, holds no inherent reality within itself. It is akin to the suffering experienced in a dream, an illusion that lacks substance in the waking world. 

Moreover, this realization unveils the presence of negative karma, the consequences of past actions, manifesting in the form of adversity. It is an ugly head that rears itself, reminding us of the consequences of our past deeds. However, within this recognition lies a precious opportunity, a chance to transform this negative karma into a positive force. 

To let this opportunity slip through our fingers would be a grave mistake, for the repercussions of negative karma will undoubtedly follow us into future lives. Therefore, it becomes imperative to seize this moment and redirect the energy of negativity towards a positive path. This can be achieved through the accumulation of good merit, engaging in virtuous actions that bring about positive consequences. 

Additionally, seeking the assistance of Divine Agencies becomes crucial in this pivotal transformation of negative energy. By invoking their guidance and support, we can navigate through the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead. They become our allies in this journey of turning the tides and cultivating positive reinforcement.

As Pamela delved deeper into her spiritual journey, she came to a profound realization – it was a path of purgation that lay before her. This path served as a metaphor, symbolizing the need to shed all worldly attachments and desires in order to gain a clearer understanding of the necessity for renunciation and, subsequently, purgation of the limitations imposed by the physical and mental aspects of existence. Only then could the soul break free from its confinements and soar to the lofty heights of the Unborn.

However, Pamela understood that this process of purgation was not an easy one. It required traversing the stage of spiritual adolescence, a crucial phase that could not be bypassed. Failing to navigate this stage would result in a dreadful spiritual dryness that would persist indefinitely. The flow of spiritual energy, like a vital juice, needed to be unimpeded, but first, one had to set aside the ego-driven tendencies of childishness. Often, individuals would abandon their spiritual journey altogether, opting to retreat to the familiar and unremarkable harbor of mediocrity.

Purgation, Pamela realized, came at a cost. This cost could manifest in various forms – financial burdens or the arduous task of overcoming persistent physical and mental challenges. Renunciation, she understood, could not be achieved without first engaging in the Recollective-Resolve, a deep commitment to the path, and attaining meditative-equipoise, a state of inner balance and tranquility. It was only when the True-Spiritual Sojourner, the dedicated practitioner, achieved a state of ecstatic union with the Unborn Lord and performed all actions solely for the Self-Supreme that the remnants of past karmic influences were obliterated in the eternal flame of pure intellect.

Triumphing over the limitations of the body-consciousness, while simultaneously fulfilling the basic needs of the physical form, sojourners carry out one’s sacred actions not as mere mortal agents but as embodiments of the Self-Supreme, permeating the surrounding world with divine essence.

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