The Pregnancy

One fateful day, Pamela approached Evan with a revelation that would forever alter the course of their lives. She declared that she was pregnant, a statement that left Evan dumbfounded. How could this be? They had never engaged in any intimate relations. Confusion and disbelief clouded Evan’s mind as he tried to comprehend the situation. Yet, Pamela remained resolute, insisting that she was indeed carrying some form of pregnancy, though uncertain of its nature.

As Evan grappled with the perplexing circumstances, a sudden realization dawned upon him. He had experienced something similar in his own spiritual journey. The concept of a “spiritual pregnancy” suddenly made sense to him. It was a profound revelation, a realization that went beyond the physical realm.

With newfound clarity, Evan turned to Pamela and began to share his understanding. He spoke of a treasure, a radiant pearl that existed alongside this spiritual pregnancy. It awaited its immaculate birth, a birth that transcended the limitations of mortal existence in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Evan explained that many mistakenly believed that everyone possessed the Buddha-nature or that they themselves were Buddhas. However, this was not the case. He recounted how Buddha Gotama had pointed directly at individuals, emphasizing that they all held the potential to discover the seed of the Buddha within themselves. By focusing their attention, cultivating right view, right concentration, and right effort, they could nourish the growth of this spiritual seed.

Drawing upon the experiences of mothers and women, Evan conveyed the immense care and attention required during the process of bringing forth a child. Similarly, those who chose to participate in this spiritual birth would be astounded by the radiant light that emanated when their true selves were born as bodhisattvas. It was a moment beyond comparison, transcending the boundaries of the earthly realm.

Evan went on to explain that this newborn spiritual child would undergo ten stages before attaining Buddhahood. However, there was no need for concern, as the process unfolded naturally. The key was to allow the light to flow steadily from this child as it grew. Eventually, the awakened spiritual child would sever the cord connecting it to its false “twin,” the Alaya vijnana, thus embarking on the great path destined for all bodhisattvas before fully recollecting their Buddhahood.

The decision to become a birth-giver is not one to be taken lightly. It requires a deep understanding of the spiritual responsibility that comes with such a role. Only the Unborn, the creator of all things, is able to conceive such a birth. If you choose to become a birth-giver, you must prepare a spiritual “womb” in which the seed can mature and eventually reach its predestined future as a Buddha.

It is important to understand that a potential Buddha does not already reside within you. A Buddha cannot exist within a composition of karmic defilements such as desires, emotions, and memories. To believe otherwise is to invite spiritual trouble.

The Buddha Nature is already present in Dharmadhatu, the True Nature of Reality, waiting for the spiritual child to be born and fully recollect it. It is not a personal path, and the false notion that there is a specific path for each being should be left behind. There is only one path to liberation, and the Buddha Gotama showed us how to awaken our true selves and enter the 10-stage bodhisattvic path, allowing ourselves to evolve into a Tathagata.

Becoming a birth-giver is a profound spiritual journey that requires dedication, preparation, and a deep understanding of the nature of existence. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, but for those who are willing to undertake the journey, the rewards are immeasurable.

Pamela’s heart swelled with an overwhelming sense of joy and anticipation as she received the news that she was carrying within her the precious gift of a “Spiritual Child” of Light, a Bodhichild. This revelation filled her with a profound sense of purpose and responsibility, knowing that she had been chosen to nurture and guide this divine being.

Evan, her wise and trusted mentor, had shared with her the significance of this extraordinary occurrence. He explained that the birth of a Bodhichild was a rare and sacred event, a manifestation of enlightenment itself. Pamela was humbled by the magnitude of this revelation, realizing that she had been entrusted with a profound spiritual task.

Evan, with his gentle and reassuring voice, emphasized the importance of preparing her own Dharma-womb, or Tathagata-garbha, as he called it. He explained that this metaphorical womb represented the fertile ground within her being, where the seeds of enlightenment could take root and flourish. Pamela listened intently, absorbing every word, determined to create the perfect environment for her Bodhichild to grow and thrive.

With Evan’s guidance, Pamela embarked on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. She delved deep into the teachings of the Buddha, immersing herself in the wisdom of the ages. She meditated for hours on end, seeking inner stillness and clarity. She embraced the practice of mindfulness, cultivating a heightened awareness of the present moment.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as Pamela diligently prepared her Dharma-womb. She purified her thoughts, letting go of negativity and embracing compassion and love. She cultivated a serene and harmonious environment, surrounding herself with beauty and tranquility.

Throughout this arduous yet rewarding process, Evan stood by Pamela’s side, offering guidance and encouragement. He reminded her that the birth of the Bodhichild was not the end, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in her spiritual journey. Once the child of light emerged into the world, it would become her steadfast companion, guiding her towards the ultimate goal of full Buddhahood.

Pamela’s heart swelled with gratitude for the opportunity bestowed upon her. She felt a deep connection to the Bodhichild growing within her, sensing its presence as a beacon of hope and enlightenment. With each passing day, her anticipation grew, knowing that soon she would witness the miraculous birth of this divine being, not through a normal womb birth, but through a spiritual-womb, even more profound.


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