Birthing the Bodhichild

Pamela had a conversation with Evan where she expressed that she was feeling an intense inner light that was causing her to feel like she was about to burst. Evan explained to her that this was a sign that the Bodhichild, the child of Unborn Light, was about to be born. In order to properly prepare for this birth, Pamela needed to learn how to regulate her breathing through a practice known as Spirit Breathing.

Evan explained that when the Bodhichild stirs, it triggers the development of proper breathing. This involves uniting the Qi, or life force energy, with the mind. To achieve this, one must make use of two essential lights: the Light of Yang and the Translucent Light of Yin. The Light of Yang represents the exuberance of the Qi energies, like the golden furnace of the sun, while the Translucent Light of Yin represents the inner luminosity, like the luminous surface of the moon. Both of these lights share the same spiritual core of the One Mind and Absolute.

To begin Spirit Breathing, one must meditate and focus on the dantian point, which is located two finger points below the navel . By doing this, one relinquishes control of the Body-Consciousness and begins to listen to the heart beat of the Child of Light. This is the start of the inner-listening that is necessary for Spirit Breathing.

In the ancient teachings, there is a beautiful analogy that perfectly captures the interconnectedness of all things. It is said that the mother hen is able to successfully hatch her eggs because she is constantly attuned to the development of her chicks. While it may seem like she is simply providing warmth to the outer shell, her deep focus and attention also generate an inner heat, a flow of vital energy known as Qi, which nurtures and incubates the growing embryos.

Even when the mother hen momentarily leaves the eggs, she does so with an attitude of attentive listening, always ready to return and continue her nurturing role. This unwavering focus is akin to the unbroken concentration of the Primordial Spirit, the essence of our being.

For the adept who is fully aware and awake, this process of “spiritual-hatching” within the mind signifies the death of the carnal mind, the ego-driven self. But it also heralds a supreme awakening, a profound realization of the Undivided Mind, the state of unity and oneness with all existence.

As one transitions from mundane breathing to the inner-circulation of Qi energies emanating from the heart of the Bodhichild, the sound of respiration fades away. Instead, one listens for the silent flow of a softer breath that is a much subtler and supple-Mind. This is known as “True-Breathing” and it penetrates to the ultimate truths of Spiritual-Awareness. The Bodhichild now does the breathing through the practitioner, and the Bodhi-mind and breath become inextricably linked. This creates a sense of quietude in the mind and spirit.

The final step is to “turn the Light around” and allow the Bodhichild to be born. This involves a reversal of the Light away from defiled-dharma and a self-emptying of all that is malignant. By doing this, the Bodhichild can be born and the practitioner can achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness.

When the Bodhichild blossoms in Its Womb of Deathless-Suchness, transcendence from the samsaric-spin of life and death is assured. This means that one can exchange mundane-breathing for the inner-circulation of the Qi-energies which are now emanating from the heart of the Bodhichild. This transition is so subtle that if it occurs unheeded, one no longer hears the sound of respiration. Instead, one simply turns-about the breathing and hearing and listens for the silent-flow of a softer breath of that much subtler and supple-Mind. This empowers “True-Breathing”, one that penetrates to the ultimate truths of Spiritual-Awareness. This translates as the Bodhichild now doing the breathing through you….hence, the Bodhichild is born.

Pamela commenced the practice of Spirit Breathing for an extended duration. She had been working hard to achieve the state where the Bodhichild blossoms in Its Womb of Deathless-Suchness. And finally, after much effort, she felt a sudden explosion of Joy! “I can feel it,” she exclaimed, “It is being birthed!” She could sense the subtle energies emanating from the heart of the Bodhichild, and she knew that she had achieved a state of transcendence from the samsaric-spin of life and death. She was now empowered with “True-Breathing”, one that penetrated to the ultimate truths of Spiritual-Awareness. The Bodhichild was now doing the breathing through her, and she felt a deep sense of peace and contentment.

Pamela’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she turned to face Evan, her voice filled with awe and wonder. “Oh, Evan,” she exclaimed, her words bursting forth with an infectious enthusiasm, “I cannot even begin to express the overwhelming joy that fills my heart at the mere thought of experiencing the birth of this Child of Unborn Light!”

Her words hung in the air, carrying a sense of profound anticipation. Pamela’s deep reverence for this momentous event was evident in every fiber of her being. The Unborn Light of Light, a concept so ethereal and mystical, held a special place in her heart. It was a beacon of hope, a symbol of purity and enlightenment that transcended the boundaries of human comprehension.

As she spoke, her voice quivered with a mixture of excitement and reverence. The Bodhichild represented the very essence of divinity, an embodiment of all that was good and pure in the world. To witness its birth was a privilege beyond measure, a rare opportunity to glimpse the infinite beauty that lay beyond the realm of mortal existence.

Pamela’s eyes shone with a radiant glow as she continued, her words flowing like a gentle stream of consciousness. “Imagine, Evan, the sheer brilliance that will illuminate the world as the Unborn Light of Light emerges from the depths of the unknown. It will be a moment of pure transcendence, a revelation that will forever alter the course of our lives.”

Her voice grew softer, almost reverential, as she spoke of the profound impact this event would have on their souls. “To witness the birth of the Child of Unborn Light is to be touched by the divine, to experience a connection to something greater than ourselves. It is a reminder that there is a purpose to our existence, a higher calling that beckons us to seek truth and enlightenment.”

Pamela’s words hung in the air, enveloping them both in a cocoon of anticipation. The Unborn Light of Light, a concept so abstract and intangible, had become a tangible reality in her mind. It was a beacon of hope, a guiding light that would lead her towards a deeper understanding of the cosmos and her place within it.

As they stood there, on the precipice of this extraordinary event, Pamela and Evan shared a silent understanding. They knew that witnessing the birth of the Unborn Light of Light would be a transformative experience, one that would forever change the way she perceived the world.

With hearts filled to the brim with anticipation, they embarked on a remarkable odyssey, venturing deeper into the enigmatic realm known as the Undiscovered Country of the Unborn. The air crackled with an electric energy as they pressed forward, their souls ablaze with curiosity and wonder.

As they journeyed further, the landscape transformed before their very eyes. The once familiar surroundings gave way to an ethereal realm, where time seemed to stand still. The air was thick with an otherworldly mist, casting an eerie glow upon their path. Every step they took felt like a leap into the unknown, as if they were treading upon the threshold of a secret world.

Their senses heightened, attuned to the subtle whispers of the Unborn. They could almost hear the faint echoes of unborn dreams and aspirations, mingling with the gentle rustling of leaves. It was as if the very essence of life itself was pulsating through the air, urging them to delve deeper into the mysteries that lay ahead.

With each passing moment, their anticipation grew, fueled by the tantalizing prospect of uncovering the secrets that had eluded humanity for centuries. They were driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a burning desire to unravel the enigma of the Unborn.

The path they followed was treacherous, winding through dense forests and crossing treacherous rivers. Yet, their determination remained unyielding, their spirits unbroken. They were explorers of the mind, pioneers of the soul, and nothing could deter them from their quest.

As they ventured deeper into the heart of the Undiscovered Country, they encountered breathtaking sights that defied imagination. Majestic mountains soared towards the heavens, their peaks shrouded in a mystical haze. Crystal-clear lakes mirrored the sky above, reflecting the infinite possibilities that lay within the Unborn.

With each passing day, they felt a profound connection to the Unborn, as if they were peering into the very essence of existence itself. They marveled at the boundless potential that resided within this ethereal realm, where dreams were yet to be dreamt and destinies were yet to be forged.

Their odyssey was not without its challenges, for the Unborn guarded its secrets fiercely. They faced trials that tested their resolve, pushing them to their limits. Yet, they persevered, fueled by an unwavering belief that the answers they sought were within their grasp.


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