Aloneness and loneliness are two contrasting experiences that often get misunderstood. Loneliness is characterized by a deep yearning for companionship, a desperate cry for someone to be there to alleviate the feeling of emptiness. However, this longing is ultimately futile because even if someone is present, the cycle of loneliness can start anew if they were to leave. This is particularly evident in the lives of married couples, where the death of one spouse can leave the other feeling the unbearable absence of their love, questioning the purpose of life itself.

On the other hand, aloneness is an entirely different state of being. It is the cessation of separation, a union not with transient phenomena but with the very essence of the noumenal. In aloneness, one is fully immersed in the Real, with no distractions or external influences. It is a profound connection with the core of existence, where the Unborn is discovered to be remarkably close. Aloneness becomes a remedy for the endless cycle of suffering, as it reveals something new and vibrant beyond the limited realm of sensory experiences.

The mystic ascends to the highest potential of humanity and transcends the limitations of mankind. As Teilhard de Chardin once envisioned, it is in the divine milieu that the mystic finds solace. Embracing aloneness becomes the driving force that propels the mystic to embark on the arduous journey towards the ineffable. It is the steady and unwavering determination, akin to the tortoise in the fable, that sustains the mystic in their pursuit of the unimaginable heights of spiritual enlightenment.

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