Meister Eckhart, the renowned Rhineland Mystic, had a unique way of expressing the opening of the dark principle. He once said, “Seek God, so as never to find him.” This statement is profound and full of dharma-delight. It suggests that if one is trying to capture the essence of the Absolute Unknowable, which is often referred to as God, then it will constantly elude their efforts.

During his time, the Ecclesiastical authorities could never pin down Meister Eckhart, despite their attempts to silence his profound mystical writings. However, his marvelous insights have outlived the Magisterial Monsters of his time, and his work continues to shine within both apophatic and kataphatic spiritual traditions.

In the Buddhadharma of the Sacred Unknowable, the beloved dark pearl of the Unborn Mind cannot be discovered through any obtuse discursive searching. Instead, it can only be found through surrendering all sensate faculties in favor of the supraessential light of unbounded and undivided bodhipower. This is the power of the awakened spirit-mind, which allows one to experience the Unknowable in a way that cannot be put into words.

The journey towards the Sacred Unknown, the unfolding of the enigmatic contemplation, can be understood in a unique manner. It is crucial to grasp the paradoxical nature of this path – there is nothing to comprehend, no need to strive for knowledge or take any action. By relinquishing all conceptual notions that hinder our progress, we can embrace a state of “emptiness”. In this state, the Unborn Spirit can permeate our very being, infusing us with the essence of Unborn Light. We must allow the Unborn Spirit to act independently, to guide us on this profound journey.

Furthermore, it is imperative to cultivate solitude in every aspect of our lives, even amidst the bustling chaos of the marketplace. Through this cultivation, we liberate ourselves from the desire to seek extraordinary experiences that would supposedly reveal the presence of the transcendent. The truth is, the transcendent is constantly being unveiled and manifested in the ordinary events of our daily lives. We must not become overly preoccupied with our spiritual progress, but rather surrender ourselves to the workings of the Unborn Spirit, without obstructing its path. The only seeking required of us is to abandon our own willfulness and embrace the will of the Unborn.

We must learn to accept whatever comes our way, both the positive and the negative, as we traverse our daily paths. It is through acceptance that the formless grace of the Unborn will bestow itself upon our spirits. Above all, we must remember that this dark contemplation can only be realized through the perfection of love itself. Love becomes the guiding force, the foundation upon which our journey towards the Sacred Unknown is built.

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