Audiobook is released

The Unborn Odyssey: A Novel, can now be enjoyed in audiobook format. The narration by Michael Hajiantonis, a talented voice actor, is truly exceptional. Michael’s portrayal of the characters is remarkably accurate and showcases his deep understanding of the text. His seamless transitions between characters are truly remarkable. Some samples:

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Publisher’s summary

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the profound teachings of Unborn Mind Zen with “The Unborn Odyssey.” Vajragoni’s innovative narrative unveils ancient wisdom, making it accessible even to novice minds. Prepare to be transported to a world where self-discovery intertwines with mystery and thriller elements, reminiscent of esteemed writers like Colin Wilson and H. P. Lovecraft.

This audiobook delves into core principles of Buddhism and Zen, exploring transformative teachings from figures like Teresa of Avila and The Cloud of Unknowing. Mystery veils the narrative as influences from Franz Kafka and the sacred mysteries of the Tarot converge, captivating the imagination.

Encounter figures like Aleister Crowley, adding an air of danger and unpredictability. As boundaries blur between reality and the supernatural, secrets challenge perceptions, leaving an indelible mark on the psyche.

“The Unborn Odyssey” offers more than intellectual understanding; it invites listeners to experience and embody its teachings. Practical guidance on meditation and contemplation leads to inner peace and self-realization. Through Spirit Breathing, tap into the wisdom within and transcend limitations of thought.

Unravel the mysteries of your mind and gain profound self-awareness. Whether seeking inner exploration or connection with the cosmos, “The Unborn Odyssey” is an essential companion for self-discovery.

Vajragoni’s novel transcends storytelling, offering a transformative journey towards self-realization and spiritual awakening. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure?

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  1. Jure says:

    Om svasti!

    My heartfelt congratulations on this release!

    Long ago, Tozen told me he envisioned a day in the future when a novel that would reveal the essence of Unborn Mind Zen in a vibrant, story-driven way, would be written. It seems this day has arrived

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